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Sister of Apple [WIP]

Approx Time: 23 hours
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I'll never understand how to do the grayscale coloring. 
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Wonderfully done. May I ask how you are able to add color over the grayscale values? Or were you always working in color and converted the image to B&W for WIP purposes?
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I worked on the colour and grayscale side by side as the WIP kind of shows. Up till the last step where I added the final details directly with colour.
Primarily I use a 'Curves' Adjustment layer to add a base colour and then additional layers put on 'Overlay' to do the colouring in.
Afterwards I sometimes use 'Colour balance' and/or 'vibrance' to tweak everything and make it work together.

There's now a time lapse video as well in the description, that might show a bit of work in between these WIP steps :)
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Oh wow, I need to check that out! I had no idea curves and the like could do that. Thank you very much for replying and you can bet I'll be watching that video :)