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Should I even do it

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Character  Twilight SparkleCharacter  Spike the DragonLocation  Equestria

Approx Time: ~3 hours
Photoshop CC

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I think she should do it, and get an umbrella.

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ZorrhyenaArtStudent General Artist
I have to say it again, this could be in a museum with other many famous paintings
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Aw beatiful poor twilight and spike
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What do you wish to do?
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ElayneCiaraHobbyist Artist

It's beautiful, but, are you okay? The titles combined with the rainy kind of paintings is really ominous and a bit worrisome.

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CalenitaProfessional Digital Artist
As an artist, I can tell that Assasinmonkey did it on purpose to make it interpretative, mostly in a sad way:

We are not watching their faces, and their body movements give us a lot of information that could be anything from sad to nostalgic, from happiness to worried, from worries to relief, so we can only imagine if they are smiling, or crying, or any other expressions (first point);

The background is blurred with different colors, and even though we can tell it's part of Twilight's castle (judging by the crystal colors in the walls), we can still assimilate with other objects, things, *memories*, and each person that sees this picture can find a different thing with it (second point);

We can see there are some books over there, but nothing more than that, to make sure we have one thing that is really important and part of their lives, however, the characters and the picture itself don't tell us the rest of the story and what's going on, making it up for us to decide (third point);

You could say it's raining, or that there is sand falling down in their heads, or that this picture looks like it comes from an old paper, to remind a moment in the past (fourth point).

Overall, the desaturation, and the occult, and the "old" aspect of it, how the composition aim for the characters and their surroundings, everything makes it a sad, mysterious picture.

I would have a lot of trouble to decode all those interests in a picture and make them work so well together, so I can't tell you guys how amazing this art is.
Bravo Assasinmonkey!
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strikingly melancholy
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Why do I feel sad...
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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
wow <3
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OinkTweetStudiosStudent Digital Artist
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
Stunning and amazing!
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bobshmit13Student Writer

Why do you keep giving these pieces such ominous titles? Like the work is great, but the titles are creeping me out. Is there going to be a big surprise reveal?

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They're throwing a party.
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bobshmit13Student Writer

Oh, interesting. Surprisingly ominous titles for a party.

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Beautiful artwork.
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TheClyoniesStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful art. Do you do commissions?

Probably not however I sent you an email.

Hope you will reconsidering


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I loved that no matter what, spike is always there for twi! Even in her darkest hour....
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Your arts are so nice
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mistypine01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautifully stunning art.
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horseydinoProfessional Digital Artist
I really enjoy this work, and I love all of the different directions you take when you try new things. Hope you are well.
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SmakkoHoovesHobbyist General Artist
Is raininig also there?
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SmakkoHoovesHobbyist General Artist
Sorry, but you can describe the situation in the picture for who don't understand what is happening there?
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