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Shining Armore Cadenza

Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

This episode haha, so many faces, but also a pretty interesting new story, and in general all the different reactions were priceless haha. We'll be seeing these two more often. So that's why I had to fix their lack of substantial presence in my gallery. Specifically as their normal selfs. So here we go! Those who seen the episode will know what's really going on here, eh.

Went with my approach of "make a hybrid of my existing styles and just try an approach I think I should use". That approach was skipping greyscale aside from a sillhoutte. Which I have done before, but not necessarily that much with this kind of scenery.
I think it turned out allrighty.
If there's anypony with unique heads, it's these two.

Had to play around a bit with Shining's body. He doesn't have any fancy accessories, so I had to compensate for him. Also, I had to specifically make sure his horn was smaller.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and this little piece I made for it!

Approx Time: ~11 hours
Shining Armore Cadenza [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Once again, you've done an amazing job with this piece of Cadence and Shining Armor after they announced that they are going to be proud parents of their first child and Twilight is going to be an aunt as well!!

The detail and time it took for you to do this piece was very much worth the effort since the final outcome is very impressive!!

I, for one, am very proud of the Princess of Love and her husband, the Captain of the Royal Guard, with this announcement of their first foal!! I can't wait for when their kid makes their debut sometime in Season 6 or beyond!!

Awesome job, Assasin!!! This is going into my Favorites gallery for sure!!!
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I love the drawning. Great shades and colours. Their body laguage says they have great time and love moment of it. The facial ecpression is also very happy and fun looking. But l one small thing that looks off to me. Cadance her muzle seems A little bit wrong shaped. To short perhaps? Or is just the point of view.overall no other things. It looks great and cute. Keep going the good work. This is A great picture. Hope to see more works of this. This is my firts Critique. Please correct me. Hope that you guys think my critique is fair.
:star::star::star::star: Overall
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Overall, I really do love this piece.
As a note, I'm not a professional.

Time is currently a key thing to note with this piece, for if this picture was drawn anytime before this most recent episode, it wouldn't mean much, simply a portrait of husband and wife.

However, time has passed, and now there's a third in the picture; with the information we have. This is a portrait of a soon-to-be mother and father. They now have... life experiences together, to stay simple. I'm seeing the love between the two, but the excitement that is well-known to new parents... not quite seeing it.

The detailing, as per usual, is truly your strong point. With shadows and reflections being likely the closest thing we'll get to a non-cartoon version of our small equine friends.

I must point out that you truly do understand where the characters' contours and shapes are, which is very hard to master. The shapes of their muzzles, the eyes' depth, and where the horn meets the forehead, are all truly well-done.

I have only a few things that are of slight bother. Shining Armor's horn seems a bit... low. In comparison to Princess Cadance's, his is in line with his eyebrows, which would be pretty unusual (that, and usually his horn is very forward-pointing).

I love how you didn't include Shining Armor's breastplate (chestplate?), because in the typical day, he probably wouldn't be wearing it. But more importantly, we get to see WHY he's captain of the royal guard. Those muscles and the thickness of his legs... Simply impressive.

Detail - Spot-on
Understanding - Spectacular
Emotions - Almost spot-on

(It probably won't add up to it, but)


Keep arting!
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It is very nice! I really like it, i like your art style (Kinda the same as what i think of sass of the saddle but that's not the point) this looks really cool but, i've seen one other person (maybe more) who have the same art style so it doesn't seem original (unless your the first person to do this) so ya. But it is really cool and i am exited for (SPOILER ALERT) shining armor and princess cadence's baby to be born this is a great piece of art and that was pst certainly a great episode, i think you and the writer of the episode both did well.. ~LPS-Avie
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This is quite a delightful picture, with a simple but effective background.
The poses are lively, as are the expressions, however I can't help but notice that they aren't actually looking eye to eye; Cadance's hair is in the way, and their heads are also turned away from each other. I think if their faces were toward each other, it would look a lot more natural.

It's hard for me to say anything against the anatomy, as it mostly comes down to artists' preference, but I would mention that it seems unusual how Shining's horn is much lower on his head than Cadance's is, and that I would also expect their ears to be visible, assuming you were going by the 'show model'.
The impression of hair for both of them works well, conveying a cartoonish feeling without being out of place with the more realistic features of this image. However, Shining's fetlocks look much to thick and rounded to be convincing as fur. If they were finished with sharper ends such as how you did with his hair, I believe it would look better.

Overall this piece has a strong sense of character, some nice detailing on the faces, and very good lighting (something I feel is your strong suit), but could be improved by the aforementioned things, in my opinion.
I hope this critique is of some value to you <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="390" title="=) (Smile)"/>
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Well, this is surely an amazing art; the drawing is really good done, also the shades are respected and the precision of the eyes are gorgeous! Then, the metal/gold reflexion are also respected and it give us an aspect of light and warm. Plus the fact of the precision of Shining Armor's body is exceptional! Just the hair is for me a little problem, idk if it's because of the technique but a part of cad ace's hair is a little weird. Maybe it's your way to draw or I'm wrong, but I think that this art is in general a very very marvelous and royal!
Plus CadancexShiningArmor is almost everyone's favorite couple! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Aww!  Super cute!! 
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These two have really grown on me. I didn't like them at forst, because they were thrown into the show all of a sudden, but I'm beginning to appreciate both their characters now. :)
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I like Cadance's mane and her cute eyes)
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you did a very great job on shinning and cadence
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Should have called it, "Virgin no more." because Shinning was waaay to nerdy to have ever banged anyone but Cadence.
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And Cady had a baby so I guess he's straight! ;P (Highschool Never Ends song by Bowling for Soup) Hehehe! But seriously, they are an adorable pair, and I ship them SOO hard! :happybounce: :heart:-Kay
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Super work. How's things going?
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Lovely picture! I love your style. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on colour or how to paint digitally? 
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Hmmmmmmmmm.. First off I don't get it, Second it needs more death explosions.
Live explosions are better.
                  Chibi Princess Cadence Icon Chibi Shining Armor Icon 
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Shining loves dancing.
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I can't wait to see the little one :D
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Cadence's face is just about the cutest one I've seen of yours yet! These two are priceless
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