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Shining Armore Cadenza



Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 19 - The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
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This episode haha, so many faces, but also a pretty interesting new story, and in general all the different reactions were priceless haha. We'll be seeing these two more often. So that's why I had to fix their lack of substantial presence in my gallery. Specifically as their normal selfs. So here we go! Those who seen the episode will know what's really going on here, eh.

Went with my approach of "make a hybrid of my existing styles and just try an approach I think I should use". That approach was skipping greyscale aside from a sillhoutte. Which I have done before, but not necessarily that much with this kind of scenery.
I think it turned out allrighty.
If there's anypony with unique heads, it's these two.

Had to play around a bit with Shining's body. He doesn't have any fancy accessories, so I had to compensate for him. Also, I had to specifically make sure his horn was smaller.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and this little piece I made for it!

Approx Time: ~11 hours
Shining Armore Cadenza [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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