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Setting Sun

Such human focus this week! Applejack earlier, now Sunset?! I guess I haven't really made her that much, though. So here's a bit of practice again. Derping around.

It's fun making faces... when it kinda works hah. Although that also counts for ponies, as I've done square portraits earlier this year. Those are also the ones that made me want to tackle humans in that mode, although the style is slightly different. Perhaps that's because I'm following real human shapes more than making my own. Both ways have their charms.

This one I wasn't as focused as I was with Applejack, so it took about twice as long hah. Changing a lot, working a bit more..e carefully, for better or worse.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy a bit of Sun...set

Approx Time: ~5 hours
Photoshop CC
Setting Sun [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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PCPyne's avatar
Why is this not as famous as Mona Lisa? O.O
DreaminqHeart's avatar
Oh wow, she looks so pretty here! O///U///O ~:heart: I love this a lot! :love:
So beautiful! I have a pet theory that you are secretly a reincarnated Rembrandt who happens to love MLP. 
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Wow she loosks beatiful
Infrasonicman's avatar
That's some jaw she got :o
Startoucher's avatar
Gah, I keep missing your streams because they keep starting at 10 at night, and I can only watch them on the computer. Nice work tho. :D
ZombieFX's avatar
Reminds me on "Ripley"... wait... was she a Pony too!? ........... OHHH 
AutoAudi's avatar
THat's really realistic :OOOO
Winged-Stone's avatar
Makes me think of a country singer for some reason.
sourichan's avatar
Bless my soul! It's not Applejack! ;) She's quite lovely ^^
LurkerCat's avatar
Simply lovely :)
Emeralddragon2's avatar
NB1K's avatar
It's the real Mona Lisa portrait restored back into its formal glory from the crusade's torched raid!
mentalmongloid's avatar
I think you did great. The face does seem too small for the head though. I suggest tapering it some. Take a look at this:
Also it looks like there’s chest hair going down into her shirt lol
Tuxisthename's avatar
I know it's silly, but my favorite part of this is how young she looks! She actually looks like a teenager. So many people draw her looking like an adult, but she's in highschool! It's always been a silly pet peeve of mine c: Nice Work!!
Sparrow9612's avatar
Wonderful artwork. Sunset would approve.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
She looks great here.
TheShadowscale's avatar
I'm liking where these are going. keep up the great work monkey ^.^
SteamenMusic's avatar
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