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Seed of a new age

Finale art continues, I guess this would be #7.

Not sure if this is going to be the final one, I am noticing that the best parts I already kinda did haha :XD:
This one also kinda marks on the end of both the Finale and the Season.

I knew it was going to be a hefty one, but oh gosh... did I go with broad scope and everything, turning it in a landscape piece.
Because of that I approached this one slightly different than all the previous Finale pieces. A lot of focus on the environment, then I had to tackle that castle... gosh Architecture sometimes just isn't my strong point :P

Oh well, I do kinda like how the hills turned out, not perfect but good enough. Them houses though.

Anyhow, What y'all think of the new Twilight Shack? It shall be interesting to see this place in the next season.

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Seed of a new age [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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I really love the lighting like how the the shining of the castle really stands out to me the most. Then the detail on the castle is amazing but I think the background and the landscape is a little bland because all I see are are some hills around 20 houses but far apart or close together and the only reason this bothers me is that this is in the middle of Ponyville. If it was done to make the castle stand out more it worked I really focus on the castle more than anything else. I hope this critique is good and helps.
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I do admit I slightly cheaped out on having buildings in front of the castle, couldn't get those working right fast enough so I just skipped them. hehe.
Structures aren't my strongest point and the position of them didn't make it easier, something kept feeling off.

It also seemed that the castle stands on the edge Ponyville rather than in the center, so behind it is not crowded a lot because of that either. So I kinda emphasized on that as well, which might explain the barrenness 
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Wow. This is a nice castle are landscape picture. It is so beautiful. :)
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I'm not a fan of the castle's design, but this is a fine piece of art
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Twilight's castle isn't that remote. It's right on the edge of ponyville.
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where is ponyville
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From the little parts that were shown in the episode the assumption was mostly about the castle being at the edge of Ponyville. So in this case it'd be mostly behind the camera. So there's only a several small buildings visible.
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You have the perfect shading, and colouring, and detail.....
Question. Is it possible to get this good? Or is it a gift? If it's a gift, I'll be hopeless forever. But I'm okay with that, if it means I can stare at this kind of art for hours on end.....
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Is ti me... or is that castle very out of place in Ponyville.
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It looks like something from the Crystal Empire to me and I've got the feeling that this is not a coincidence. I'm betting (or at least hoping) that Twilight will look into this in Season 5 and maybe discover the origin of both the Crystal Heart and the Tree of Harmony.
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VERY out of place.
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Golden oaks library 2.0 Royal edition!!
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Still can't get over how out of place that thing is in pony vill. Honest had the given it earthy tones and bade the tree a real tree I feel like i would like it much better it would be more like the redux of the home twilight lost.
This image of it is gorgeous though.
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Now all this castle needs are some auto turrets and this baby will defeat any foal who dares disturb Twilight in her studies (well, except her best friends, of course)
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I think this new castle will be expanded upon during season 5 of "FiM."
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The massive size of the castle compared to the rest of Ponyville amuses me.

Gorgeous work.
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me either. Ponyville is a farmers little countruside town. And then... BAZANG! [insert giant crystal tree castell here]
but its still nice tho
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