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Sea of Change

Good excuse to make another one of the students, getting that Seapony shape in a bit as well at the same time. It was fun to see two different shape shifting powers going for the same shape.

Those kids got in so much danger, though. Almost drowning seems fairly mild to what other things could all have happened. No time for fear when you're a student.

Kept the character shading somewhat basic, but with the twist of adding a bunch of layers to the complexity with the water. Even though it was practically like working on a single layer... until certain parts like the background. Just faking that water till I make it.

Approx Time: 4 hours
Photoshop CC
Sea of Change [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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What brushes did you use?

FlameTheOtaku's avatar
I love the realism of the water! I find that very hard to do while painting!
Rumista's avatar
this is amazing! :o
Fire-Link's avatar
Great work. How's things going?
CelestialRainicorn's avatar
Look at all those layers.  You're really skilled. 
dksponge13's avatar
When they're not feeding off of romantic emotions, changelings CAN be quite fascinating creatures. Can they? :D
Bookworm247's avatar
So beautiful, the fins are amazing
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
I love how her fins look, they are so plastic. It's like I can touch them.
K4nK4n's avatar
Somebody posted your art on Google Plus without giving you credit for it.…
SeriousJupiter's avatar
She looks amazing as a seapony. Great job!
Delta52775's avatar
This is an amazing piece.
Slitherdorsunangel's avatar
This is so beautiful! Your art style is unique but completely captures every element wonderfully!!
DamageK's avatar
i always thinking when you uploaded your arts.
your drawing technic is so amazing.

i'm so jealous your drawing skill...
K4nK4n's avatar
She looks perturbed.
templar127's avatar
Why yes! I do wanna see Ocellus as a sea horse!
karkovice1's avatar
Oscillus the sea pony! :D
cajobif's avatar
I think this version of the seaponies is a much better design. Also cuter too. All thanks to Ocellus.

Awesome piece
DinaaDiaz2380's avatar
Your draw is very amazing!!!!Happy Retsuko [F2U] Happy Retsuko [F2U] 
Velimian's avatar
Wow, this is beautiful! I love the colors, and how it looks like real water! Great job.
PotentiallyCute's avatar
This has some WONDERFUL depth! I almost thought it was a plastic doll before I looked at the whole thing. Very nicely done!
Yukonix's avatar
You paint so amazingly so fast! Excellent job as always :love:
TheTicklishFox's avatar
It's beautiful! Love Clap 
TexasUberAlles's avatar
Adorable changey-bug!
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