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Scale of Lords



New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 5: Guantlet of Fire
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

This episode.... So much stuff! A lot of it making me want to finally get to my plans of making dragons for my FCW universe. I wanted to make them for a while now, but for different reasons never really did. But now there's this episode. With quite a few scenes I could've made. Next week there won't be a new ep. so maybe I'll just take a different scene from this one to make then.

Anywho, the culture was quite interesting to see, although some things were slightly unanswered. Where are the big dragons? Too greedy with their stashes to risk losing them by coming? Or are they feral, or w/e? Not really bad or anything, but just interesting to think about as well. The new stuff they did show was quite something. Magic stones, creatures, locations, dragons, leadership, hierarchy, etc. And Spike.

So, I quite enjoyed this one, fun exploring new stuff. Was also funny to see Twilight having that reaction as well. Reflecting some of the viewers thoughts maybe. Which Ember (nice character btw.) Also did by questioning how Rarity and Twi even got through all the challenges...
Pony magic OP.

This art piece, though... I kinda stumbled and struggled :XD: I don't even know what my plan was with the sky, I just kinda... left it where I somehow ended up at. get the other stuff going and just hope it covers it haha. New characters, with somewhat awkward features, in a tricky perspective... not what I had planned for today but oh well, hope it still turned out alrighty!

Hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and my little art for it.

Approx Time: 12-13 hours
Photoshop CC
Scale of Lords [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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