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Saturday Livestream [MAR 23-24]

12 hour stream... and yet so little art :P
This stream was filled with so much other madness! though not all it useless... I hope

Did some art Q&A thingies, drawing some fangs, circles, weird faces. Which turned into shading with volumetric lighting or fog/mist trying to dissect what happens with light when it passes through fog and how it affects things like sharp edges
(PS:... top right corner... I failed at making circles)

in the meantime doing very weird voice sounds and voice accents...

In terms of art we then we ended up watching Snowdrop from SillyFillyStudios! [link]
I ended up doing a 30 min Snowdrop piece! But oh gawd... why did I have to choose a new style to try out... only having 30 min :P

After that... more randomness, Group Call, talking about Snowdrop, but that ended up being weird talk quite fast... but then again, I had been talking weird throughout the stream myself

The last hours I managed to turn a more serious note again, getting to a bit of art critique, also first explaining the impact it can have and how you can make sure you give "Good" helpful critique.
Being about both the artist and the art he/she makes.

The blue lined sketch is sketch from ~Minepow2 here: [link]
A bigger version here: [link]
I tried to do a bit of a draw over, explaining some simple changes, what was nice about the piece and/or how to make that part stronger.
I've never really done that before, but it was fun and I was hoping to maybe help out a bit.

Tried a bit of basic animating steps with my fierce some ponkey head. Which ended up in a rant about animation in games and other
Also trying to explain a bit of doing 10 second pose sketches at the end there :P

I'm open for dedicating a bit of my stream to live critiques or breakdowns of pieces, either my own, yours and someone else's

Snowdrop 30 min: [link]
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I still think that this was the weirdest stream yet... But that made it awesome. :D
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Haha, it was certainly weird
and I feel this won't be the end of it .... :P
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Darn it, went to sleep a few hours into the stream and didn't really get to participate, was drawing some stuff in parallel and watching you on the second monitor, then the flu got worse and I was tired so had to quit.

I really, REALLY need to do something about it - apparently spending the whole day in front of the pc and then spending the whole night in front of the pc doesn't really work, especially if you constantly spend days and weeks in front of it. Sometimes I wish my job didn't have to do with computers at all. But meh, then it would be pretty difficult to work from home and be able to wander around at random. Anyways, next Saturday I'll try something else to be able to finally watch the whole stream!

And that's a really cute Snowdrop you got there! And that round yellow pony head actually looks like Kolobok - our Slavic national fairy tale character xD
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Aw, sad to hear, hope you'll get better soon!

Full on computer time all day can become quite taxing yea.

Glad you like the Snowdrop :D and haha I didn't even realise that head came so close to Kolobok :XD:
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Whoo!! Thanks Assasin! Apparantly, when I woke up, you were still streaming. My expression: 0-0
Also, thanks for the critique on my sketch! As a side note, I am very resilient when it comes to negitive comments, but it was considerate to be so generous with your time and praise. Again, thank you.


P.S. I realized my second paragraph was all A's.
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Yay for extra long streams :P

I was happy to give some critique, I hope it was of use!
It also managed to give my stream a bit more ... normal endnote haha
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