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Season 8 Episode Art Stuffs!
It's starting again, though so is my Con Season in a couple days...

Hah, that adorable little hippogryph.
There were just too many new characters to reliable make in a single session, so I went with the crazy excitable Silverstream, and a species I havn't painted yet! (though sketched before) She beats out poor Skystar with a painting, but their energies have been pretty similar at least hehe. Must be in the Hippogryph's blood.

A lot of them were pretty adorable, though. But I do wonder how this school will play out in the long term...
I just know I want to attend Applejack's classes for no particular substantial biased reason at all... nuuuh.

So many feathers haha, the angles of some of them I had to figure out a bit on how I could adapt my usual fast messy method to it. But upward just didn't work as well as down...

Approx Time: 5 hours
Photoshop CC
STAIRS [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Princess Skystar - What GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen!

Stairs are OK. Stares are creepy.

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You've really captured the adorableness of her enthusiasm for stairs!
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She's SOOO FLUFFY!!! Heart Heart Love 
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Beautiful work, i love the highlights and blur 
Funny you should mention Skystar. Silverstream and her brother Terramar are Skystar's cousins.
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:icongollumplz:   "Yes, the stairs. And then?"
:iconsmeagolplz:  "Up, up, up, up the stairs we go. And then we come to the tunnel."
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King Sombra Icon 1 STAAAAAIIIIRS....
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Wow, all those feathers that you drew! They look so soft! I want to snuggle into her, into her soft, beautiful feathers, right now. Heart And all those stairs in the background, she's in stair heaven right now.^^ Which fits, because she is an adorable, little angel. Heart
You did a fantastic job capturing her beauty!
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this is absolutely gorgeous
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this is beautiful.
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I love how fluffy she looks. Awesome job!
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Silver Stream: FTAIRES!!! We haue found FTAIRES!!
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she protecc
she attac
but most importantly...
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Beautiful. Silverstream is obviously the Pinkie of her group, since there's no way anyone would be so excited about stairs otherwise. I just hope she will have a bit more to her than Pinkie's randomness. Take Ocellus, for example. She's the Fluttershy of her group, but she's also as smart and studious as Twilight.
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Silverstream isn't really like Pinkie. Pinkie is just random and crazy, a party mare brightening up other ponies' life by acting funny and crazy, while Silverstream is geeking out over objects she doesn't know because they don't have them underwater in Seaquestria.
She is an explorer, an explorer of things that are new to her and, funnily enough since you mentioned Ocellus being studious, interested in examining those things cause she doesn't know them. And not just things, living beings and other races and their cultures as well, she reacted incredibly excited over Yona, cause she has never seen a yak before.
This is a personality trait very much different than Pinkie Pie's.
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