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Rock Solid Grotto


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New MLP Episode inspired art for my MLP Season 7 Episode Art collection!
Season 7, Episode 4: Rock Solid Friendship

Oh gosh, I'm not an environment artist haha. Or at least it always feels that way doing them, I do things non-optimal, just chaotic all over the place. Working too small, or too rough, or something. I need to find that balance. But I'm also inclined to just take smaller elements and make em more polished. Like I usually do with characters.

Anyhow, hope it looks alrighty. Scenes like these are always a bit of a challenge, translating characters from showstyle into my own is one thing, but having an environment is a whole different story. I worry too much about proportions, positioning, environmental details and landmarks, all those things. Then also figuring out how to paint said stuff. Then the lighting hah.

Kinda funny in the episode, when the camera zooms out in this place you can actually see some of the rocks that are supposed to be in the water, first moving with the rest of the ground separate from that water they're supposed to be in. But compared to most episodes it gave the clearest idea of proportions, positioning, layering and all that then most times. Still, I ended up just rolling with whatever seemed to flow easiest haha.

The episode was pretty awesome though! Nick makes some great episodes. (Was really fun getting to meet him at BABS! Especially once I actually realised it was him when he was already buying one of my prints haha) The pacing felt just right again, also with fast paced Pinkie and slower Maud, Starlight adding a nice dynamic to it storywise, a fun and still realistic moral of the story as well. Rang some good bells.

Hope y'all enjoyed!

Approx Time: 8~9 hours
Photoshop CC
Rock Solid Grotto [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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It's like a beautiful lost world. :D