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Rise of Encounter

New addition for my First Contact War universe.

What is this, a Stallion?! First of this year! Also a Gryphon finally again?!

After a 16 hour stream, finally kinda done... ish. I cut plenty of corner to get it finished in one session :P
That's what I get for making a scene with 2 complex character haha. Especially a large Gryphon which I had not done in this style yet. I suppose it's to make up for not being there to stream last Saturday.

Can definitely see where things could be refined more, but perhaps for next time. Can always build upon this further by starting fresh. Like some of the shading went a bit chaotic, adding in cast shadows last minute in post-process rather than properly during the shading process itself. Which ended up making me figure out how to apply the colour on that difference as well, etc.

Playing around with colours schemes. With all these new OCs I'm running out of original combinations, which are not even nearby in colours of previously used ones or big show characters.

Approx Time: 15 hours
1080P:Rise of Encounter [1080] by AssasinMonkeyRise of Encounter [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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just discovered your work, wonderful stuff, the gritty nature of this long ago war alongside a few cuter bits to add some humor to an otherwise bleak existence sort of deal.