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Rare Apple Cats

What's happening?! More cute stuff?!

Well, let me tell you a story. You can blame/thank :iconwhitediamondsltd: for this! :P

Haha, but really in all positiveness, ever since her interview with the CutieArtCrusaders I began questioning the amount of cuteness in my gallery. Which was kinda scarce amongst all the war I've been making.
I'm so evil! But basically, since then I've been trying to make more cute stuff as well, like "Why not both?!"

Just look at her Rarijack-daily tumblr!!!
The name already says it.
It's fabulous.
So let this be my little random tribute to that cuteness and try to add to it! (Or like a late or early birthday gift?!)
Thanks for the influence, keep making awesome cute stuff :D

So out of my comfort zone this style, although not completely new. Still, hah.

More styles to add to my gallery haha. It's so different!

Approx Time: 3 hours
Rare Apple Cats [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Not your typical art style, and I think you pulled this off quite well! Both kitties are so adorable! Can I hug them?
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aww! too damn cute i tell yah! too damn cute!
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:sing:My Little Kitty...My Little Kitty...

:giggle:Sorry...Couldn't resist...

They do look cute, though.
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so very awesome :)
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Didn't expect this from you !
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This is a style I cna get behind :D
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Applecat is best cat. Except she isn't, for Jewel Cat is OBVIOUSLY best Cat. X3
Cute.                                                                                                                                                                                :applejack: :rarity: 
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This is so cute AssassinMonkey! Great art as usual :D
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Both works. Contrast is great. Helps you have an appreciation for the both of them.
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