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Rainbow Medicine

New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 15: 28 Pranks Later
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Oh gosh, this episode bwhaha. Such a direct reference to the darkness that can be zombies. Although wrapping a pretty serious lesson. Pranks, jokes and the likes... yea... some of those that Rainbow Dash did were definitely too far. But then there were the ones like Free cake! Now I would like that one, though. Rainbow Dash must have a lot of bits to afford all the stuff she did.

It was quite a focused episode against Rainbow Dash, though. The majority of the episode was that, concludes by an "oh", but I suppose it works and Pinkie Pie's genius just needs that time to be digestible by other ponies.

As for the art... I'm not sure about this one, I guess I was stumbling over the light setting, making it feel like one of my weaker pieces. It made me go a bit rougher on the brushes as well, besides using "unconventional" non-round brushes. I did like making the wing... and Applejack. Also some of the other little bits I got to add here. Although I could've added a lot more ponies. But I deliberately wanted to keep the party small. There were a lot of cookie zombie ponies to make!

Overall, the theme was quite a fun surprise. And I could go quite deep into the prank side. I'm definitely against certain types of pranks, the ones that are not fun for both sides, but also those that do damage, whether physical, financially or mentally. You got to find that balance for all parties involved. As with most other things in life.
Good subject to talk about I'd say! It can be very broad as well.

Approx Time: 8-9 hours
Photoshop CC
Rainbow Medicine [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I wouldn't mind turning this into a custom phone case
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Resident Evil Equestria confirmed, y'all.

It has a leson in it but still that prank was harsh

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*sighs* of course people rant about an episode....

I honestly was terrified by it myself lol it made me think of the reason I stayed away from MLP so long....


Anyway, wonderful art if you read this, your style is very, very detailed and I love it!
Not f**king Cool, all of Ponyville! A prank ain't a good one when it hurts someone or makes them fear for their lives! Imagine if Rainbow Dash had panicked and, I dunno, swung at a filly with a shovel?! Then who's the pranking jerk?
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I really liked the episode, and the lesson was a great and important one that both RD and a lot of people had to learn, but... I feel like the villainize RD for no reason. Yes, not all of her pranks were in good taste. The cherilee one was too simple, the cranky one was in poor taste, and the Fluttershy one was just mean, but most of the other pranks were legitimately well thought out, and I have no idea what's wrong the the ponyvillians sense of self irony since they didn't enjoy it. The AJ one was funny, and the Rarity one was straight up hilarious, and both obviously took a lot of effort. 
RD was a bit of a jerk for exploiting three fillies, but no one cam claim it wasn't a good joke. It had to chances of collateral or personal damage, since the color was easy to get off, it was funny in a way that would be so for the victims too, and RD does not try to blame others, she relishes in the fact that everyone will know it's her. Yes, Pinkie did seem to get sick, but... It's Pinkie Pie, she eats sweets 24/7. Anything could have made her sick, and she's not above eating to feel better. When RD does realize she has made a mistake, she does try to fix the problem, even seeking help when she recognizes that it's over her head. She even admits to it being her fault, and tries to keep it from getting worse. I'd say this episode showed a lot of what I love about RD's character. Despite the episode's attempts, I feel no sympathy for the townsfolk's cause, their joke actually causes more damage than any of RD's, but I honestly expected the episode to end with RD breaking down laughing. The joke seemed to be right up her alley
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wow, what GOOOOOOODDD friends?! ¨

scaring RD half to death with a zombie apocalypse?
IKR? Bunch of jerks couldn't take a joke.
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hey "friends" have you heard about walking dead?
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Reminds me of walking dead
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Added to favorites! I loved this episode because I love to prank people hard core and I liked the creepy concept
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Does anyone think that this reminds them about a zombie apocalypse?

Just me?

It reminds me of one

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I know she was trying to keep them from the cookies, but she could have just flown herself, and all the cookies out of Ponyville faster than most of them. Save for Pinkie. Pinkie breaks all the rules.
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Now it looks even more like Zombie ponies! I love it
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They ate a small part of the rainbow factory
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It's almost like they are all zombies.
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Previously on: The Trotting Dead

[Rainbow Dash] Hello? Anybody here?

[Silver slay] The people that we all know, are now trotters.

[White Metal] Dad, our dead mom is back!


[Rainbow Dash] Was nice to met you, hope you guys survive!

[Silver Slay & White Metal] Bye!

[Rainbow Dash] Hi Rarity, i'm sorry what you've became.


[Glenn Rhee] Names Glenn Rhee, and you are?

[Rainbow Dash] Dash, Rainbow Dash.

[Rainy Clouds] Mom!

[Doctor] Rainbow Dash!

[Rainbow Dash] Rainy Clouds, Doctor!

The Trotting Dead, only in Equestria
In the case of this episode, the videos below I believe is exactly how it should've ended when the entire town of Ponyville went overboard of trying to get R.D to tone down her pranking. Once again these pony jerks are resorting to over the top plans instead of just talking out their problems one-on-one. I could only imagine the kind of punishments Celestia & Luna would serve them all if they found out about any of that. Any idea's?……
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Jesus dude, copypasta yourself much?
Not really. Basically, I like to create controversy to both stir things up and to hear the opinions of others and see what they think. 
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Poor Dashie. She looks so scared
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