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Purple Drape

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Fabrics/drapes are maybe one of my longest fascinations of things to make in art. I latched onto it quite early on, but there's quite a lot to it so I'm still not quite there yet I think. I've always been more keen to be able to do things from full imagination, and I might finally get the hang of it at a level I'm satisfied with. Altho it does vary depending on what thickness and material I'm trying to mimic.
Material itself and its colours are a big part of it as well, big role in how the drape goes. Focused on two types, one a nice varying purple. Purple has such a wide range it offers some unique colour opportunities. Worth a play.

Ended up quite liking the two toned feeling of it, Rarity was a perfect fit for this I suppose hah.

Canvas was originally bit bigger, but the composition worked better with a tighter crop.

Approx Time: 6~8 hours? Quite a few smaller sessions.
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Oh my... I stopped when I saw this--this is simply beautiful!~ This looks so much like a traditional painting...but with a pony! Wow! This is the first time I've seen your art, definitely going to watch~ Can't wait to see more from you in the future!

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You have made of the loveliest Pony Lady that much more so.

Thank you for sharing.

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I'll admit. This is pretty good.

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"Rarity, what's in this album you labelled 'Life Modeling?'"

"SWEETIE BELLE DON'T TOUCH THAT...I boring grownup stuff, darling, it wouldn't interest you..."

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Love these purple shades!

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spike is probably simping really hard but he is probably to young too... Whatever futer spike will

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This looks like a classic oil painting, everything about it is so gorgeous and so very Rarity, God this is so good!!!!!!

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this is so cool. love this lol.

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Lovely style. I'm going to take some pointers myself on how you manage to do everything.

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nice do rainbow dash next plz

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this is so cute

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I LIKE IT. Strawberry!🍓

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I want to say something but i am just so is so perfect i can't even describe it

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Damn, this is impressive. The fabric, the lighting on the fabric, the muscles, the pose.


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Rarity (blink eye) plz

Haute Coture, my dear!

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OMG ... Fantastic and Beautiful work.

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Blown Away Absolutely stellar work yet again, you are astounding. Rares never looked so gorgeous.

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