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Plains of Marks

"Striped equines walking across far and open lands. They share their marks and often adorned in golden ornaments. Foraging the plains for knowledge, becomes masters of the lands, gathering herbs and other materials to brew their mystical potions.

Although not as prevalent in the most parts of Equestria as their other relatives, they take their own important role in Equine society. Some travel further lands beyond their own often with ease due too often having to walk long distances already. There they share and extend their knowledge.

They can often harness the lands in ways others can't, believed to posses powers of their own. Crafting various items, some to cure, some for decoration or enhancement but some also to harm."
This piece had multiple motivations behind it. For one I'm really curious to Zecora and her background in MLP. Such mystery. I also wanted to include their presence in my 'First Contact War'.…

They're still Equine as well and since I have the Equine Empire named that specifically to include them amongst other. The Pony kind recognizing them as their closer relatives and thus accepting them more easily as their own, giving them more freedom and a bigger presence within the Empire. Like any other pony kind would receive.

That and just the advantages it has to keep them in Equine presence, having unique powers of their own hehe.

Approx Time: 9 hours
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Plains of Marks [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Well, might as well give this critique thing a try.
First of all, I love it. Love your style, love the aesthetics and especially the setting you're creating; I can't wait for what's next.
My favourite things would have to be the jewelry and the asymmetrical stripe pattern of the zebra on the left.
My only gripes would be the anatomy of the rightmost zebra (the right forelegs seems a bit oddly positioned and the neck seems a bit short) and the fact that the fetish is a bit lacking in detail, especially with the viewer's gaze being directed towards it by the zebras' eyes.
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Do you mind if I use this for coverart on a fanfic?
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I want to see an episode where the mane 6 and zecora travel to zecora's home land. would be awesome.
Prism-S's avatar
That's a whole lot of married lasses.
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wow you have such excellent control over colour and content. not just here but all over your gallary.
i've seen your work on the fringes here and there, but now that i'm taking a chance to look it over, i am impressed!

magnificent work!!
Ashoof's avatar
WOW the way you drew these zebra are PERFECT theres something about the body stance that is perfect! really give that impression its more then art but a picture of real life moment.
Reminds me of something in Majora's Mask.
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
There's something about the glare in the eyes that I really like.
felisalces's avatar
I adore this.
Zecora (and the concept of "MLP zebra" in general) is fascinating, and I love this so much :)
Great work, so much detail.
cajobif's avatar
Gosh! That looks great!

You makes me wish that we finally see where Zecora comes from. One day.... in season 5?

Awesome work
quiet-victories's avatar

i mean really, closest one looking for me like an anorther step-up by you, im happy :3
TrunksXV's avatar
Fantastic. This is one of the best MLP artworks I've seen. 
GremlinGrenade's avatar
All of your work is beautiful, but what I really love about this one is how immersive it is. It's not just a pretty picture; I can feel the wind and hear the grass just by looking at it. It effortlessly pulls you into another world, and is probably one of my favorite works by you.

Plus MLP zebras are fucking awesome.
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is so beautiful!
lyanawolf's avatar
oh wow that looks great
zora-artist's avatar
woooow, pretty amazing assasinmonkey! 
yeah, zecora have a lot of mysteries! she is a graert characther!!
SparksOfDiscord's avatar
Oh my gosh! Its so beautiful! ^^
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Well, well, really impressive. This kind of art always makes my day. The characters and background are great, as well as the concept. Great job! La la la la 
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Now these zebras look pretty darn good. Really like the style of them.
Krazylec's avatar
Man, you can almost smell the sun-beaten ground and grass. A testimony to your impressive skills, AM!
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