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New MLP Episode inspired art for my MLP Season 7 Episode Art collection!
Season 7, Episode 11: Not Asking for Trouble

Ugh, though, I went to start this in greyscale, but just in general I've not had the energy to go through refining details properly, or motivation. Rushed heh, even if it's some result at least. And atleast I did some greyscale again hah. It's been so long since it was my most common method, but nowadays it's mostly direct in colour. Both have their pros and cons, though. If I do greyscale, usually I'd need to balance or adjust after colours anyway, though. Less so with direct.

Episode was definitely interesting hah, I guess Pinkie's style is not straight forward, but a... Pink Pony approach. It was fun seeing the Yaks again. I was slightly tempted to maybe make the young ones, but then Pink Yak happened.
Also Apple Pony. I like how she was actually called Apple Pony. All the AJ names.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and this little piece.
Will have to see what I'll do for hiatus weekends, one of the idea I had was to fill em with the Equestria Girl Shorts, since they're basically episodes, in length and such.

Approx time: 6 hours
Photoshop CC
Pink Yak [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Good work!