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Pie Together

Got at least 4 more to make after this one, I think (maybe 3). At least for the calendar... because Rarijacks probably won't really stop at that point haha. Because you know, some things are forever, like :iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd is forever. And has to be mentioned again, because this entire calender project is a dedication to her.

Anyhow, this piece. Sometimes you fail after you try, but at least there's still pie. And even with all that, you can still make the best out of any situation!

There will be a followup to this specific one, or rather a counterpart with the roles turned around! I'll be making that in my next Monday stream.

PS: That's a classic Dutch apple pie there and I really want one now...

Approx Time: 4 hours
Photoshop CC 2015
Pie Together [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyLittle Soft Relax by AssasinMonkey

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Rarity: *sigh*
Applejack: Aww... Don't worry, sugarcube. I took me years to cook close as good as Granny Smith.
R: Really?
AJ: Absolutely.
R: Thank you.
AJ: What kind of pie you attempting to make?
R: A peach pie?
AJ: A what?
R: A pie filled with peaches.
AJ: Why would you make a pie with peaches when we have tons of apples ready to be bakes into a pie?
R: I don't know... Variety?
AJ: V-variety? Variety?!
Applejack walked away.
R: Applejack? Darling? W-what are you going?
AJ: I'm going into my kitchen and prepare you a pie of "variety"!
Rarity was back at her boutique, when she heard the door bell, announcing a client. She stopped her sewing machine and walked to welcome the customer.
R: I'm here, I'm h-
It was Applejack with a huge pie in her hooves.
R: Oh! Hello again, Applejack
AJ: Hi Rarity.
R: I see that Apple Bloom gave you my message.
AJ: Yeah. Sorry it took so long.
R: That's quite all right. W-what with this huge pie?
AJ: You told you wanted variety.
R: Uh... Y-yes. Um.
AJ: Well, I made you my five apples kind special. Each slice has a different kind of apples. Pretty neat, huh?
R: Well... yes.
Sweetie Belle appeared.
Sweetie Belle: Hi Applejack.
AJ: Hello there Sweetie Belle.
SB: Is that... a pie?
AJ: Yep. I made it for your sister.
SB: Wow! You are going to eat by yourself Rarity or-
R: Don't be ridiculous! I'm not going to eat all-
Applejack raised an eyebrow.
R: I... mean... Of course you will help me eating it. Don't you?
SB: Sweet! Can I take one now?
R: Of course not. I'm about to make dinner pretty soon.
AJ: Well, you'll have to tell me later how you liked it. OKay?
R: Of course Applejack. Thank you so much.
AJ: You're welcome. Bye Rarity.
She left, closing the door behind.
R: Sweetie Belle! What made you think I could eat that huge thing by myself?
SB: I don't know. I guess it's most be by watching how much ice cream and chocolate you eat when you are upset.
R: ....

BEautiful work
jyroman53's avatar
And I was told only Sweetie belle can burn things !
DoughnutJoe's avatar
So it's not just Sweetie Belle; that talent for cooking runs in the family. :D
K4nK4n's avatar
Awww, poor Rarity. I really, really love your chibi ponies. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Breevsto's avatar
I really like these sketches, more than the fullblown paintings actually..
NoradTwo's avatar
Sometimes it's just too adorable not to leave a comment.
Front-Line-Runner's avatar
(1.) this is adorable
(2.) there's pie

This is great! ^-^
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Poor Rarity, AJ will share her pie. Awww!
AplReach's avatar
Hope she will :)
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Awww absolute cuteness! :heart:
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Don't worry Rarity, just call it a test pie, that's what I do.
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Those cooking skills...where have I seen them?
VengefulStrudel's avatar
Heh, poor Rara. At least she has AJ to comfort her =P Great work as always :)
kngru's avatar
That's some pile of steaming horse apples on Rarity's plate. ;)
Mokey1980s's avatar
Waewity wooks so sad =p
thetimidgamer's avatar
So cute, I feel bad for Rarity. I'm sure applejack will share :)
HinataOC's avatar
This is so adorable! I love your Raijack pics! I would love to buy a calendar when it's all finished.
yuyusunshine's avatar
neat..... RariJack
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