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Pegasus Sanguine



New addition for my First Contact War universe.

This time a bit more conceptual piece. Designing some pegasus armour.
Also having fun with a different shading approach. Lower contrast, with more limited darks.

Might try out some more concept stuff like this later. With a bit more time spend on going through different designs.

Yay for armour hiding cutiemarks.

PS: Yes, she is wearing military ice skates.
She will graciously skate across the faces of her enemy.

Approx Time: 6,5 Hours
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Vision: In my opinion military is clearly demonstrated with clear visuals with the armor and footwear though footwear could also imply ice skating but if the landscape is mostly frozen tundra she is in then perfectly fine as it would fit the terrain as I'm assuming there are other footwear they can change into depending on the landscape they encounter. The look in her eyes makes me think of someone who is on a mission and determined to succeed but at the same time knows to be calm and diplomatic as much as possible. The background also portrays the proper landscape currently in for the use of the ice skates and since she is a Pegasus she can easily fly and use them also as a weapon against a foe when needed.

Originality: I have seen military wear for ponies and each is unique in their own ways based on the artists vision. I have not really seen many armor designs with leather as this is with a mix of metal as well. It also looks to have fabric added as well and that is unique for me by what I have seen. I like this design as it holds a very older world feel to it than modern or advanced world feel and at times old world feel is just more...interesting and more, I want to say welcoming compared to what may or may not be the majority of styles as I have seen only what I have seen in ways of pony armor and I am fairly sure I haven't seen half of what the internet has stored away in its infinite databanks.

The use of skates for the shoe wear is very original to me to be seen with armor. Normally if see ice skates they are with use of leisure or something not as intense of what might break down to a life or death battle at some point depending on what is ran into on the trip. So for me the skates are very original to be seen with armor.

Technique: Where to begin? The shading, in my opinion is beautiful. There is enough on the legs to give the feel of a strong snow blowing, falling, or a good wind blowing up and sending around loose snow. The blurring of the back legs was a nice touch to place more focus on the front half and to show distance for angle and perception? (I'm hoping that is the correct word if not my apologizes)

The soft colors on the leather give it a leathery feel to me upon seeing it and with its added lines for creases is also a beautiful and nice touch to add to its sense of it not being fabric or metal. The stitching on the leg wrap is wonderfully done and looks like olden arm wraps seen in fantasy movies/video games/TV Shows. The different coloring is also something I like on the leather part of the armor since, in my opinion, it shows the leather may have some defects or in the process of being made got a little too much heat during the attachment of the metal pieces. Or another thought is during processing of the leather there were minor defects in the leather and so to strengthen it for protection they added in the metal for added strength to make up for the difference of potential weak points in the leather.

The leather straps along the back I quite like their overlapping and weaving like design it's very nice and elegantly done. For me it shows the added steps that went into the making of this armor to be as strong as they could make it so the pony wearing it would have as much protection as possible to provide against any dangers known and unknown for during the trip to the destination.

The straps going across the high collar is another detail I like. It shows the thought into protecting or giving some protection to the pony's neck in case a wild animal were to come and go for the neck there would be some protection instead of no protection yet since it isn't metal wouldn't be as likely to potentially cause irritation and allows for ease of movement for the head as well to look out for friends and/or foes. Also gorgeous shading around the collar as well and on the body of the pony around there it adds a nice feel of realism to the armor and flesh.

Now for the fabric! I love the creases with the shading along with it. It makes the fabric feel and look more real, to me in any case, but its a very nice detail I like and think was well done. The light blurring for the fabric along her back and over her butt down to her back legs some to hide her cutie mark is nice but perhaps a little less blur closer to the front leg? I say this because the leather belts are not blurred nor is the metal armor on her flank so perhaps a little less blur with the fabric that is closer to the front leg and gradually the blur takes effect as it goes backwards to the back legs? And perhaps a little light blur not too much on the armor when farther back a smidge(s-midge)? not too much just a little maybe that is closer to the metal and a tiny bit perhaps of blur on the back armor would help add a bit of consistency?

I don't claim to be an expert on shading or perception for depth to a photo or image as I am still working on my own ability on drawing good perception for depth and shading but maybe if it wouldn't make it look bad a little bit of blur gradually trailing back on the fabric that isn't so close to the front leg and maybe a bit back starts to blur and blurs down to mix nicely with the blurred back legs and maybe a tiny bit on the leather straps on her back that is nearer to the armor on her flank and perhaps a light bit of blur on the metal armor maybe a bit more than little not too much as the armor is farther back closer so it transition smoothly? Hope that makes sense.

Now then, the wings look very soft and fluffy like a feather pillow. Nicely done on the wings feathery feel and on their shading including giving them a nice wind blown feeling like she is flying some above the snow or is starting to land on ice to give her wings a break in the frigid wind. The head also has beautiful shading and I love the reflection in the eyes just gorgeous. Nicely done on the mouth and nose for shape and shading to make it look not like a flat board. The detail on the mane and tail is wonderful. The individual lines to indicate separate hair stains is very well done and a nice shine as well with an appropriate mane style for combat so the hair stays out of her face.

I believe lastly here I shall speak of the metal of the armor. I love the dents and dings with the seam lines showing where it had been folded during forging and showing added strength to the metal to help protect the pony's legs. The rise to the skates is a nice touch showing both decorative but also I think adds to what could be used to deflect a weapon if able to. The armor folded and placed nicely over the shoulder (my apologizes if it's not called a shoulder on a pony) is nicely angled and the dents and scratches is a nice detail to add the feeling of real armor with nice shading as well to show the thickness and the curves of the metal.

The metal armor framing the neck is a nice shape with nice curves and bends with added shading to show the ridges for protection and the shine to show the rise with the metal's curve. There is still nice detail to be seen on the back armor on the back legs with the skates and what appears to be metal on the upper part of the back legs though since on the back (in looking at the image) right leg appears to trail under the mare's belly so perhaps it is leather layered on top of fabric unless it is metal on top of leather to help prevent chafing (I believe that happens with metal, my apologizes if I am wrong) or at the least to help ensure the pony's flesh does not become sore and injured by the solid metal rubbing against the coat/skin during travel and any movement done while wearing the armor.

Impact: It brought wonderful thoughts of a winter landscape barren and possibly not having much life with its snow, rocks, and ice unless there are plants that thrive in cold weather. Also came to my mind wondering and thinking what creatures human like for intelligence or basic animal instinct would also exist there to be ran into during travel from point A to point B or C. I find myself enjoying this image and the images of a scene of a pony leading or alone returning with information as they explore the lands around their own home to see if they would have any allies laying beyond the normal lengths they would go.

Overall: I very much enjoyed this. The shading is beautiful, the shine/highlights are also beautiful with gorgeous details on the layers of armor, the mane/tail, the eyes are so deep and just draws me in.

The only thing I think perhaps is the fabric under the leather straps on the back and the armor that the fabric possibly less blur when closer to the front left (when looking at the image) leg then a bit going back is when lightly the blur begins and allows for a smooth blend in with the blur that is with the back legs and tail. And for the leather maybe some light blur closer to the metal and a bit of blur on the armor metal over the flank with a bit more blur as it gets closer to the end that is in meeting with the tail and fabric for a smooth transition if it wouldn't look ugly or somehow mess up the depth that is very nicely done.

I very enjoyed this piece. It's very well done and has a lovely story just in what could be happening in the snow unseen to the general public eye.