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November 11, 2015
Paint a Happy Little Pony by AssasinMonkey makes great use of textures to bring life and humour to this Bob Ross tribute.
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Paint a Happy Little Pony


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Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 22 - What About Discord
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This episode had me cracking up way to much haha. My stream afterwards wasn't any better. It was quite a PUNishment for my viewers.
Orange ya glad you probably didn't suffer through all of the stream? But I gotta say, I found it quite Hissterical.

Then there were the references, couple related to art! One was the Rococo book, but then there was this golden moment of happiness that I just had to make. There wasn't a lot of reason not to. So I had to paint a happy little pony. Such a great nod to Bob Ross. So great they even did it twice in the episode!

Although my stream was very... derailed with a bunch of PUNch lines, I guess I still managed to be productive. Eventually.
Decided to apply colour directly, after a basic sketch. Except for Twilight's happy face there. Did that separately, rather quick. Which ended up "good enough". Not often do I have a painting within a painting like this. Kinda fun to maybe do more often.

Hope y'all had a good laugh!

Edit: Oh wow, a Daily Deviation! Thank you so much, I'm really happy to see people enjoying Bob Ross so much lately. More interest to art, more art, more everything! :D

Approx time: 7,5 hours
Paint a Happy Little Pony [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Nice picture I love it 👍😎