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Over our acres



Woooo, Applejack. Oh gawd no, not the Apple!!
Ahuhm... uh yea, watched the episode of course. Second art piece during the Saturday (and by now Sunday) stream.

Wanted to do an environment from the episode, one of the acres. Decided the day scene since my Flutterbat was night.
Before I started I also realised... I didn't have any fully environment focused pieces at all, or at least clearly pony that is. I did end up adding AJ though.... because well... AJ
Though I hope the environment is still the focus.

Playing around with environment, good fun. Wanted to do some (hilly) plains piece in a long time, always kept bouncing into "awkwardness" but I think I managed to get it feeling all right.
Had a bunch of little tiny changes at the end, going back and forth "I'm going to upload this now!, oh wait... change this, oh, change this back, ok now I'm..."
Oh well hehe, it's finally here.

Hope I did it ok.

PS: thinking of putting the time lapse together for this one from the stream recordings again.
Edit: Checked recording, the approx time is actually slightly longer than 4,5 hours rather than 6 :O

Approx Time 4,5 hours
Time Lapse:

Over our acres [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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It's hard to explain why this piece spoke to me so much. There is a beautiful melancholy in it that I find appealing and somehow very calming.

Across the years it's been a wallpaper of choice for me, as well as a mousepad pattern, and now that my current mousepad is dying I'm going to get a new one, much bigger, with this drawing again.

Thank you for making it.