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On Princess...


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Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Episode 10 - Princess Spike
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Twilight is really sleepy this season!
Spike though.... That great cringeworthy stuff. Not as cringe worthy as the anthem last Season, but ok. It was quite an interesting development throughout the episode. Bit of a butterfly effect, going from one thing to another, then escalating quite quickly.

So many pony designs (and Gryphon!) So I went with sleepy head over here. The books would've been great as well, but I was tempted by the composition possibilities this scene offered. Also trying out some more different light situations, like last Saturday!

Fun episode! Nicely done, interesting to see Cadance again. She was too trustworthy haha, but she eventually knew. While Spike can try to run (out the window) he can't hide from the truth.

Hope y'all enjoyed!
This piece will be included in my Patreon HighRes and PSD packs

Approx Time: 10,5 hours
Time Lapse: It's becoming a collection of just recordings...
On Princess... [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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i though the bird was stuck on her horn because she stabbed it in that one episode. I was like, "Damn!"