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On Feathered Grounds [WIP]

Final Art:
On Feathered Grounds by AssasinMonkey
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Wow, that seems like a lot of work you put into your drawings.
I've seen lots of artwork from you but not 'how' you make them.

I didn't really understand the grey scales though, don't have that on my program (vectoring). But you're explanation in one of the comments beneath makes sense.

Miz-Jynx's avatar
What are those grey-scale inbetweens?  What are you doing to the picture during those times? 
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The way I work is having a separate grey scale and colour. I can make a quick colour scheme half way through the greyscale too see what I want to do with the colours or check if everything will work out, then go back into greyscale and finish the picture. So basically every object and part you see added was done in greyscale and later again coloured separately.
It's a bit hard to show the exact flow in a WIP like this, so I tried to put it like this to show I went back to working colourless.

Hope that explains it :)
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Wow, maybe I need to learn how to use greyscale for my pictures, might help me balance lighting better.

The hardest part for me right now is trying to do the first couple of steps, I just have a hard time being loose and always start trying to make everything all precise and clean right away instead of a few steps later 

Oh well back to practicing for me! Thanks of the picture, always enjoy your landscapes 
AssasinMonkey's avatar
All the tiny details is something I used to do as well. A little thing I tried to force myself to do is not zooming in too much. Having it look good small first became quite beneficial for me. Heh, I still zoom out a lot even when doing details.

Maybe it'll work for you too :)
Ardail's avatar
Not a bad idea for practicing. I'll try it thanks!

Good luck on any future projects you plan to unleash upon the internet!
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This is faking awesome bro.
Dax-Rattler's avatar
Thanks for sharing this, It's great to see how this piece came together.
ChefGreen's avatar
Your artwork looks very realistic and well done! What kind of software did you use? Maybe you could check out my artwork sometime and tell me what you think! Thanks!
AssasinMonkey's avatar
So sorry for the late reply. Lost track of it.

To answer the question, I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS6 for everything using my Wacom Intuos 4.

It's always a joy to see someone working in traditional work. That's something I've had to abandon, because I couldn't expand to paintings, and chose to focus on pure digital.
Fun to see you exploring lots of different styles from the mixed faces to illusions and dots. Keep exploring for sure, it's a great way to discover and even learn things, the parts from each style you'll genuinely enjoy will be able to stick with you and develop into your own style. Without even having to pay attention to it, just create and continue to have fun.
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Thank you very much!
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