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On Feathered Grounds



"Equine, we've dealt with your kind before..."
Twilight trying to spread friendship?

First piece uploaded in 2014! It did start in 2013, but ok. Lets start this year shall we?
I'm so wondering about lands outside of Equestria, like the Gryphon/Griffin Kingdoms or Saddle Arabia or anything really. This one was an idea I had back in 2012, picked it up again (primarily the cliff carvings part)
Ever since Twilight's wings I've also imagined her taking more global tasks now, becoming sort of an ambassador considering her a princess of friendship, spreading friendship to other civilizations.

Besides wanting to do a bit of Gryphon again, usually when I do that I end up making it part of my "First Contact War" Alt-MLP-Universe. Though this is more of a possible aftermath, decades after those events. Universe itself would be primarily the ancient times of Equestria. Oh well, this should be nice too right?
Made the Gryphon nice and big, kinda imagining him being a size compared to Gilda as Celestia is to Twilight... except more buff (or fluff)

So much stuff in this piece... so many layers to colours this, so many adjustments. I kept adding things. No regrets.

Approx time: 16 hours
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On Feathered Grounds [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Whoa, this is really cool.