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Old Timer Speed

New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 14: The Cart Before The Ponies
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Such a wacky episode this was. With those races and all.
The results were quite nice, though. A pretty good lesson that's not spoken about enough, or addressed. It's often assumed by any side, but not always done optimally, as the episode showed. It had it's little weird moments, (8 way intersection haha),  but overal enjoyable. The designs for the carts were fun to see! Obviously Applejack designs are best ones, for no biased reason what so ever.

Decided to try and tackle a bunch of different things, I like to do, at the same time. Make Applejack, Applejack in new outfit. While also making a key part of the episode, the cart! I've not made a lot of vehicles in the past, so this one was pretty fun. But the reference was also easy to see, being the pre-war racing cars, which were build for speed. I'm not really into cars, but that's was a nice little inspiration they used.

Originally I thought I'd go with a fast motion composition approach, but then it'd be harder to  include Applejack. So I went with a more posing way, displaying the car with a model, or well... in this case mechanic Applejack! Even better.

I've been exploring side lighting this past week, and enjoying it. It's a light I can manage to achieve somewhat "realistic" setting with, with my figurine style shading. Usually for that style I apply a broad flooding light from above, so the shadow casting is minimal, but with this it allows me to have a bit more shadow play going on. It also helps I managed to figure out the colours quite soon, at least to the point of it balancing nicely for later adjustments.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and this little tribute to it. There will be plenty more as episodes keep releasing!

Approx Time: 8-9 hours
Photoshop CC
Old Timer Speed [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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go speed racer go
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that wings west spoiler tho xD
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Awesome pic and I love this kart's design. But one has to wonder where all that oil came from.
BronyNo786's avatar
The wheel's ball bearings
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The fastest car <3
Syzygy26's avatar
That cart would look great in a Mario Kart game!
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That cart looks fantastic!
One from the show and this! :)
And Applejack looks awesome with that suit! Oh, yeah! Applebloom too! :D
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Sorry I didn't comment sooner, I watched the episode only last night, but this is quite a joy to see. I especially liked the Grease Monkey outfits AJ, Rarity and Dash had at the end of the episode, and you captured this nicely on AJ. And the lesson was a good one to teach, as I myself witnessed this during my childhood on both sides of the spectrum (which is something I'm not proud of).

Not much more to say except a very good job well done on this piece =)
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This looks awesome! I love it!
applejack looks awesome as a mechanic!!!
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Kart based on the 50s racing cars. Amazing work
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To be honest, I thought this episode was the weakest this season. The big sisters were reduced to unlikable caricatures of themselves. If this were the first episode I ever saw, I wouldn't be interested in watching any more of the show.

But this picture is so adorable it almost makes me forget the episode's many flaws. Almost.
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Beautifully done! I love how it has the look of an old painting, and also looks 3D. Takes some skill to be able to have it come out like this.
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Apple speed cart !
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Aw man this is an amazing work of art.
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AJ and Apple Bloom!!! So Cute!!!><
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Ponies? Check. Scenery? Check. Lighting? Check. The little apple's sweet cart? Check.
Although the episode was pretty bad in my opinion, I daresay this is your best piece so far. If not, it's definitely up there.
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