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OCT Commish Sketches Day 1

Day 1 finished!... after 12 hours streaming

Managed to go through all the prepaid commissions, that was the least I should do. With 12 hours stream time on the clock I thought I'd leave it at that, though lol.

Day 2 (Friday 24th October) is still open for commissions. For further detail go here:
[OPEN] October Fundraiser Sketch Commissions

So much to say about each one of them. Great fun, thanks to all who stopped by in the stream. Hope y'all had a good time. Those who's commissions these are, I hope y'all like the results. Sending them out to you soon.

The commissions are for the following folks:
  1.  Sura-Resch
  2.  flamingrythm
  3.  GrandMoffPony
  4.  Jujytu
  5.  ThrashYourArt
  6.  Infrasonicman
  7.  MultaeKappae
  8.  Soulymans-real-self
  9.  Jujytu 
This was the first time I ever did commissions this way. Quite fun, although oh gosh did I miscalculate the amount of time. I guess I initially didn't expect every one being colour. Makes sense they are though, but yea my estimate of 20 slots was based on average between simplest and most complex option.

Recording: Pending (It's big... at 11 hours and 50 minutes.. I don't know what to do with it yet, uncut raw real-time or time lapse?)
OCT Commish Sketches Day 1 by AssasinMonkeyOCT Commish Sketches Day 2 by AssasinMonkey
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KeybladeKnight99's avatar
ooooh! Soulymans! You need to get those eyes check out by a doctor!
LeeNSendo's avatar
Oh wow, your style is so varied, it's incredible! You're an amazing artist! Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 
AlexDemille's avatar
Man these look super good! Love the ginger (#4)
24AHEL1TE's avatar
stunning they're all amazing
GrandMoffPony's avatar
Sunspot (#3) looks so amazing!! Thank you so much! :) *squee*
saxumsando's avatar
jujytu is my favorite pony 
Fae-Ray-Anthem's avatar
It never ceases to amaze me how much personality people can inject into ponies. How could i pick a favorite? Close between the bard and  priest.
EmilyVanSlyke's avatar
You streamed for 12 hours straight? :faint:
sunnydito's avatar
Oh my gosh Bird and Tor look amazing!! Thank you so much!!
Sura-Resch's avatar
I'm glad that I was at least able to catch most of this. Some interesting looking ponies all around. Looking forward to the next one.
TheZodiacLord's avatar
i love how they all kinda have a medieval theme to them
K4nK4n's avatar
Those are some very interesting ponies. I like #2.
ThrashYourArt's avatar
Truly amazing work. 12 hrs of streaming, my god I don't believe you didn't collapse
Infrasonicman's avatar
So even though I stayed for the whole stream I still find myself looking at them now, they're all just so awesome!

Also I notice not only the theme of Blue Stallions but also now the theme of green-eyed mares =p
Soulymans-real-self's avatar
Each one is quite stunning. The way you are able to change poses, personalities, colours and complexity with each commission character is amazing. 
Great job and sorry about the straight 12hrs of streaming. That would have been draining. Though I can say that everyone who asked for a commission will be extremely satisfied. 

Jujytu's avatar
Great job on all of them and on going twelve hours straight! ^^
FrXstBite's avatar
These are absolutely beautiful <3
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