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Applejack is in time for this year's Nightmare night. With a slight costume upgrade...

Better buy some apples!

Approx Time: 90 min
O-Hay-No [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
O-Hay-No by AssasinMonkeyNights Of Twilight Beards by AssasinMonkeyThe Pink Egg Hatches by AssasinMonkey
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omg this is amazing!

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O-o-okay Applejack, I'll b-buy some. *buying an apple and walks away*
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dawwwww that is adorable O_O
K4nK4n's avatar
Coincidentally, I was watching "The Scarecrow" last night... ugh.
julibugs's avatar
Hmm, I wonder if they'll have a Nightmare night episode again?
But this time I'd like to see a prank war.
Or at the very least Rainbow getting owned by Luna. :P
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Alright I have to admit...that is absolutely terrifying.
AdmiralPopeye's avatar
Wow, this is just awesome, AM!

I can just see it now...

AJ comes out of her room in her Nightmare Night costume just as Big Mac does the same. "Evenin' Big Mac, ready for Nightmare Night?" Applejack says to her big brother.

"Eeyup," the red stallion says, then he looks at where his sister spoke, "EENOPE!" he exclaims as he retreats quickly back into his bedroom.

Heh heh, I make myself laugh sometimes.
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That would be terrifying if that actually existed, but great work!
Oh hey yeah I didn't need sleep anyway.

This is frickin awesome.
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Side thought, just a possible idea, Sonata (pony verison?), Derpy, and Pinkie in a food fight using Tacos,Muffins, And Cupcakes as ammo. Just a thought.
Ponkool4's avatar
That's AJ?! It's downright menacing! Nice job.
WingmanRed's avatar
Scarecrow to the max !
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
That is the scariest fucking think I have ever seen in my entire life.
Tzryylon5's avatar
T'ain't nuthin' ta fear, 'cept fear itself.
Bioshock140's avatar
Holy crap awesome!
Kra-ZGirl's avatar
thanks for the nightmares lol XD
Hellmouth497's avatar
Whose a silly pony?
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