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Not A Comic, Test

Trying out a style, a bit of a test to see how things could work. Although I definitely have a lot of practice ahead for this to really work in the scale it should to do what I kinda want to try out eventually. An actual little comic again.

These were my two most complete frames I sketched today. Panels related to each other? I'll let y'all decide :P

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ijustloveit619's avatar
What makes this somewhat Comic amazing is with the design of the scaled down Mane 6 :D

Love it, so adorable- HHHNNNGGG!
ryu362's avatar
Sweet, adorable, cute, charming, amazing this are but a few words I could use to describe this. But at last there really is no word to describe how truly wonderful your art is, and this piece is a true testimony to it.
Maran-Zelde's avatar
I like this style a lot. Personally, I think the small, rounded ears look better than the floppy ears.
K4nK4n's avatar
Rarity looks like a teddy.
Noctte's avatar
I think the style is great! It's also a nice difference from your more realistic painted style.
mlpdarksparx's avatar
Chibi AJ is so cute!!! :heart:
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
:iconomgsocuteplz: :iconcannotevenplz: :iconapplejackclapplz: :iconrarityclapplz: 

Scyphi's avatar
In the last panel, AJ almost looks like she wants to steal the apple right out of Rarity's speech bubble. :P
AaronMk's avatar
They look like hamsters.
ooReiko's avatar
aww so cutie <3<3<3 =)
potsticker13's avatar
So cute! I like it :D
FredsonV's avatar
So adorable oml
cayleycom's avatar
adorable. I like it
Krazylec's avatar
Potatojack and Rarispud.
Brother-Malachai's avatar
So much Taterhorse.  :P
KieDough's avatar
Wildzer's avatar
This is adorable!😍👌🏻💕
Mokey1980s's avatar
I miss Little Griffy  *gives the saddest longest basset hound face of loneliness to Monkey*

This style reminds me of her
LegendaryMemory's avatar
I say related. Why? Because Rarity had a sudden realization about apples and had to talk about it to the pony who knows apples best.
SagelyByMoonlight's avatar
I can't even...all the best artists take the cutest styles....
ManMadeOfLight's avatar
this is very very very real,

not a test.

it's the truth :)
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