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My Lady Applejewel

Because I needed to make this. Yes. Maybe.
Human version of my previous Applejewel
The episode was just too perfect to only make 1 episode piece hehe. Although this one didn't finish within a day of release.

Trying to convert the dress too human had some design thingies I had to change. Didn't want to change too much though, keeping it at widening the chestpiece and adding an extra cloth on the front of the lower part.
Keeping out any shoes like the original outfit :P

Also an excuse to make humans again, full body this time because I need to do them in their entirety. But oh my... making feet... sometimes I don't know if they look awkward because they're wrong or because they're feet haha XD
Anyhow, I think... close enough.

Approx Time: 15 hours
My Applejewel by AssasinMonkey My Lady Applejewel [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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This image struck me the moment I saw it (on Equestria Daily). I'm not much of a critiquer on arty things--I'm the uneducated 'I knows what I likes' kind of person, but here goes. Hope it's helpful.

Overall, when I first saw the picture, it brought to mind the works of the masters. It would look right at home in an old manor house or a museum.

Her entire body is perfect for the character. You didn't slim her down to anorexic supermodel standards; she looks like a working woman with her hair done up and in a fancy dress.

The lighting fits the mood perfectly, highlighting her without seeming forced. And the detail of the patched curtain and warped floorboards helps set the mood for the drawing--that, and the lack of shoes.

This is the kind of picture which doesn't need an understanding of the context of the show to be appreciated; you've done it all.
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Lovable. Definitely.
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Everyone loves Applejewel. You draw humans really well!
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Well, since she's borrowing one of Rarity's dresses, it makes sense that the shoes that would go with it wouldn't fit her.
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Wow that detail with the shoes, or more without the shoes is great for this picture. ^^
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This is amazing work!
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Very good work on the anatomy. It's great how you kept AJ muscular and somewhat rugged!
I noticed this and went "Hmmm... dresses like that one kinda clash with her physique" Oh well, what do I know of dressmaking. :P
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Well, after all, Applejack's point was to show Rarity that you look ridiculous when you try to be something you aren't, so doesn't that make sense?
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I don't want to write a full critique, but I wanted to compliment you on the anatomy.  The feet and the side of the chest under the near arm in particular look very accurate to me--even to the part that the dress is a bit tight and holding the waist snugly!  Maybe it curves out a little far above it, but it really does look great.  I didn't even register that you'd changed any of the dress until I read your comments.  Keep up the great work!
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Gorgeous! I love both of them! The bare feet really give it AJ's personality I think. 
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