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My Applejewel

This episode... This.. just... I died, it was so perfect. Totally THE episode for me haha, just oh my, I yea, just had to make AJ for this episode.

So yea, trying to recover from the episode, hoofs be shaking, barely holding the pen, I managed to sit down and actually start making her.
So fabulous!

Been a while since I done a pony in this way/style I think. What better way to revisit it by making more Applejack right? Never enough Applejack.

This episode hit me right in the core, I'v got to admit, when it comes to favourite episode, just by my reaction and feeling, I can't deny this one takes it with a landslide of Applehearts.

Update: Humanized Applejewel!
My Lady Applejewel by AssasinMonkey

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My Applejewel [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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"Ah Smell Like Rosebuds" Lol

All kidding aside this picture is gorgeous. The detail and effort that went into this is simply amazing.
From the patchwork curtain to the floorboards to the detail of the dress and hair. Everything just screams professionalism and class.
You can tell that the artist went to great lenghts to draw this and also enjoys what he/she was drawing.
The first thing that grabbed me about this picture was the lighting and shadding of it. It just popped up amonst the other images in my messages like a "rose" amongst weeds (I feel bad saying that because all the other artists out there that I follow are truly talented but this picture really moved me.)
My only one criticism about this piece (and believe me I don't want to offend but rather just offer my own opinion) is that Applejack's nose is rather ... pointy. I'm unsure if this was the artist's intent, however, I know that it was the only thing in the whole picture that I had a problem with.
Now I don't normally write critiques but I just honestly felt as though I had to given how wonderful this picture is.
Overall I loved this picture alot. Heck if I had the money I'd frame this suckah with some fancy gold frame and hang it in my small apartment for all to see.
Great work keep at it and above all else thank you so much for putting so much work into this piece. It was really amazing and made my day. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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That's amazing!!!!
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This piece is absaloutly breathtaking, as are most of your artworks i have noticed.

- Gorgeous amount of detail
- Amazing hair technique
-realistic shading

- Nose ( the nose is a bit pointy, and the nostrils make the snout look a tad pig-like, to avoid this in the future is would suggest looking at how the noses are designed in the show, and go from there.)
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Wow. That pony is absolutely beautiful. :D
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for a cowpony she looks fabulous..
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I think its good but her nose dose look like a pigs ……. sorry
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um her nose looks like a pig's
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I love it, it's like an old fashioned portrait. Applejack is at same time smiling and still not at ease being that pretty. Great work on the light, we really can see she comes out from the dark.
This photo is like a real is a Art respect for who make this photo and respect for you work (y)
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Awesome job. Just a small crit. Her snout is very pig like. Make her nostrils appear on the sides of her snout rather than right on the front.
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Hehe yea, the snout/muzzle isn't exactly optimal. Although I'm quite experimental when it comes to the different parts and shaping of things (eyes, ears and such also change constantly).

The shadow of the nostril extend perhaps a bit too far, the hole is roughly position on the corner/side though could definitely move a bit. The tip of the nose doesn't help exactly either, it's quite a hard sharp edge and the entire shading of the area kinda gives off the wrong perception. Something to work on the next time for sure! :)
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Applejewel is beautiful!!!!
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lovely Apple Jewel wish she would show this part of herself more often she's gorgeous lol
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No surprise here! I expected that AJ fans would rejoice when I watched the scene. Seem some gifs inspired you last night. Yeah, I watched.

It shows that you put lot of love and when you do so, it gave amazing results.

Amazing piece
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One the best Applejack pictures I have ever seen. Such lovely detail. The shading works so well to highlight her. And she has lovely eyes.
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She made that look, she made it work wonderfully for her alone and for the scenario itself.

I suspect Manehatten hasn't wholly left her.
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She made it work so well, every scene, photo, walk and face she made killed and revived me instantly.
Was so great to see her like that, the throwback to the Orange life.
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marvelous work! great job :)
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