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Moon's Lull



Luna joins the noir-ish alongside her sister piece: "Sun's Respite"

These pieces keep getting more and more shinies! The lighting stuff, not the stallion. Luna likes sparkly stuff I guess. Her hair sparkles already anyway, so what would a couple more do, right?

Trying to make this while having a bad case of horribly placed mouth ulcers/canker sores (one placed all the way back in the muscle folds of my tongue...), so I did speed through it a bit more, because these things have been tiring my muscles by making them constantly active due to irritation/pain. Basically, motivation to not take too long and get rest haha. But it's still an important piece to go along the others.

Planned print for Pacific Ponycon (and near future cons). Since Tabitha St. Germain will be there, I thought I'd make something new for her too since I did it for the others already. Even though technically I already had a Rarity noir-ish from a while ago. Now I got fresh stuff for the three VAs, though!

Luna's darker coat posed a new challenge I didn't really have with the previous ponies, since those were all pretty light coloured. But it's fun to have to think about how certain colours translate into greyscale. Although there's still a decent amount of flexibility/room for error.
I did keep her mane a bit simpler than Celestia's.

Now I have no idea if I'll do even more noir later on. Maybe, since I don't think you see it that often, and many did like the Rarity piece. And I'm familiar with greyscale anyway, so maybe I just have to cover this style for more posters right? Set myself apart amongst vendors.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy this little garden rest.

PS: An art timelapse video is eventually planned for this, with early access for Patrons. I got a couple others that are up first still.

Approx Time: ~6,5 hours
Photoshop CC
Moon's Lull [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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A friend of mine helped me get the print of this at the last BronyCon, and it now hangs proudly in my bedroom. :D