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Mistress Marevelous [Commish]

Commission for :iconjadesca: featuring best pony ofcourse

Totally not best pony bait.
Anywho, I guess it was time for Power Pony Applejack! The Mistress Mare-velous with all her tools of the trade. Apple trade.

I don't do magic things often enough, or glowing things for that matter. So it's great to actually explore that, since I've not thought or had to think about that a lot.

Mistress Marevelous [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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She's definitely marvelous. <3
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Power ponies LETSS...GOoo:3
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THIS is fantastic!!
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I think you did a good job with the magic aura piece. It's accurate to what you are trying to pull from the show, yet fits in your style.

Also, yes, AJ had the best costume, and I will continue to think that until I hear a better argument.
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Princess of the Amarezons!
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The name of your artwork tell how I find this piece.

Marvelous, but I prefer to say awesome. I like how expressive is this piece especially with these eyes and the dynamism it has.

Surprise! On EQD again. (#32)…
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Wow, love the way you made it kind of "freeze frame" for her pose, jumping off a building while springing into action. Very nice work
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As I said before, this is amazing! I really love the pose and shading, everything actually. And the effects on the rope is just awesome!! :love: To commission you were definitely worth it, thanks again. :thanks:
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Always makes me happy to see a commission being received so well.
Was a lot of fun to get to work on Applejack, I'm always up for that :D
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He he he, I'd be surprised if they wasn't. Your art is great. :D

That's awesome, thanks. :heart:
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Very well done. The glowing rope is fantastic, it shapes the lighting of the entire scene! (But ..Then you worked it that way! Sorry to be Mr. Obvious!)  Like this a lot!
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Pretty awesome!
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