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Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 16 - Made in Manehattan
For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Not the most obvious episode related piece, but it is from this episode hehe. The faces in this episode... just like with a lot of episodes this season, so many good ones!
Why did I have to go for the front view ones, though? I'm not used to making them!

Admit today wasn't the smoothest day in productivity, but I guess I still got a result. Episode was great fun, spend too much time clicking through it hah. Poor Applejack's hat...

These two are tricky to colour balance using my usual process. Either Rarity's coat colour comes out awkward, or her mane needs some extra styling. Totally not biased I don't have any problems with Applejack of course... of course!!! Doesn't help the faces were a bit tricky, translating not just the expressions but also do it in front view. I need more practice on that haha. I can do better.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode!

PS: I won't be watching Friendship Games, until maybe the Bluray release. So I'll be avoiding anything spoilers, or at least attempt to, until I can get my hooves on that.

Approx time: 15 hours
Message Incoming [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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OMG, I've been waiting for this. Everything looks amazing in this piece. Dat hair, oh dat hair! Amazing. Let's look at originality and impact then shall we? Is it original? We have certainly seen this duo before haven't we? However, the idea they get the booty call while they are TOGETHER keeps me with ideas flowing in my mind. Which links to impact. This could very well bring up some ideas on possible episodes and just random ideas. Honestly, the scene I thought of when seeing this. "Well la dee da Rarity! I don't give a flying feather about-" Then their cutiemarks start glowing and they look at the camera, then at eachother and then they run off! Certainly a possibility. Let's rate this. I rate this, almost 5/5, a 4 and a half out of 5. I would recommend this to many who want to get into digital art!
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omg how u do this its so cool !!!
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How do you do it? It looks like a mix between clay and CG images. It's only when I look closely that I can see that's not the case. It's brilliant! I can only imagine how it'd look a fbf animation with your art style.
As a side note, there's something on the way that you do the eyes, I don't know what, that scares me. I'm not saying that they're bad done, I'm saying that for some reason I get scared every time I look at the eyes for more than 3 seconds. Only the ones that are looking right at me. For example, the eyes in Shining Amore Cadenza don't give me this feeling. I'm sure is all on me though.
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Flank pagers, lol.
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is this 3d?
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All my work is purely Photoshop (At the moment PS CC 2015)
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So it's 2d? I have a very hard time believing that.
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It's purely 2D yes :D I made it entirely during one of my Saturday Streams
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I have no Idea how you got it to look like cgi.
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Really love how you do your shadings, really creates shapes and depths and is probable one of your signature styles that stick out the most making it easy to tell if it was drawn by your or not :D!

Also note Appljack has a closet full of Extra Hats and Applebloom Ribbons
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:giggle: The looks on their faces are priceless!
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"Looks like we're gettin' butt-dialed again..."
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Really like this piece! Great job! :'D
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Those expressions were priceless.
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Awesome job on the ponies, especially their quick-stop bemusement at whatever they've encountered. They look fantastic, especially with the great coloring and shading for super depth and more emphasis on their faces and body language. It's so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
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This came out brilliant. You are on a roll.
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Ring ring! Booty call!
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This is adorable! And yeah, front view faces are a pain in the butt to draw.
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Nice! It wasn't a bad ending to the Rarity trilogy. I always enjoy seeing her paired up with Applejack (in a non-shipper way), because those two have some of the greatest interactions in the show. I wasn't very excited about Coco's return, tbh, because I've always seen her as just a Fluttershy 2.0, but I guess that as long as most of the bronies are happy, I can't complain. Twilight got adventure-blocked again, we got a nice Peanuts reference and Applejack's hat turned out to be just a hat and not some precious family heirloom after all. Good stuff. 8/10.
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