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Masked Health

New MLP Episode inspired art for my MLP Season 7 Episode Art collection!
Season 7, Episode 20: A Health of Information

These masks, woooo. That same atmosphere as we've known from Zecora's. It was nice to see her again. But also just the new stuff... like a disease that turns you into trees?! If you think too far into that, it can look pretty grim. Are those trees there... former ponies? Or do the bees give them another means of reproducing themself. The flashback, the empty village (except for Cattail, who was a nice character), to the masks.

I just had to make the masks hah. They're so interesting, and seeing them wearing it. That was great to see.

I did keep this painting a bit simpler. At first I thought about doing it as a single mask portrait, just high detailed, refined, but then I went with a more dynamic rougher approach. The main part was making them identifiable to the episode. related.

Overall, fun episode, I quite enjoyed it. (Fluttershy, dorky Twilight being sad at the lack of muffins)

Approx Time: 5~6 hours
Photoshop CC
Masked Health [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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This is absolutely AMAZING!
ArtMlpDk's avatar
Madre mia willy!! XD
Supermoix's avatar
Madre mía, eso mismo digo yo xDDD
ArtMlpDk's avatar
X'D es que vi que pusiste esa imajen en tu perfil y pos me gusto tambien :3
Supermoix's avatar
La imagen está demasiado genial xd
ArtMlpDk's avatar
FunZone-ToonGal's avatar
I have to agree that the fact about the Swamp Fever carriers becoming trees was a bit dark. But in my defense, I've seen a lot of kids cartoons with a dark element here and there. :XD:

Aside from that, great work as usual!
Mokey1980s's avatar
I too was surprised when Zecora got 2 episodes in a row. The masks were a cool recurering theme for this episode, though the moral seemed a bit convoluted until the end-ish. Overall a cool episode and yes it was a bit dark in the whole 'fate of the diseased', I liked it overall.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Yep, those masks look great.
cherymoon's avatar
i just hope one day we get to see zecoras home land ;-;
AudreyAzura's avatar
I really love the gloomy athmosphere you gave to this piece! It's almost strange how much it fits the episod, that had some quite dark moments. The different masks were really nice, and seeing them grouped here like this is really is great. The shadow on the background and the fact that you didn't draw the body really add to the dark athmosphere, and create some uneasiness you can't really catch. It's really a great piece! =)
ManDash1996's avatar
Plague Doctor mask :D
TorturedArtist745's avatar
That's one way to stay healthy around the sick, and it doubles as a Nightmare Night costume.
templar127's avatar
These masks really reminisce the plague doctors in the Renaissance era. Nice!
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Damn, bizarre and awesome! 
WOLFKRFT's avatar
Don't really expect you would draw the mask, which one of the best thing on season 7 so far...

Your piece are great and unique on every single of it, you are the best :D
K4nK4n's avatar
I love those masks. Always been fascinated by those plague doctors from the Black Death era. Also, cool abandoned water village - so much like Innsmouth.
Innsmouth 2012 01 16 by K4nK4n
Pink-Pone's avatar
*gasps* What if...what if those trees we saw in "The Perfect Pear" were the aftermath of Bright Mac and Pear Butter catching swamp fever?! *thinks about it* Nah, too dark.

Anyway, love this piece, nice "witch doctor" vibes with the masks. 
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