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Another quick little style test

Approx Time: 2 hours
Photoshop CC
Mask [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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It's amazing how realistic it looks, but also uncanny. 
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This is incredibly realistic!
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You always do such a nice job with your art.
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"Crying on the inside"?
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Dat uncanny valley.
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One sad apple.
Beautiful art.
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What happened? She is known as a happy mare!
Anyway, it looks fantastic, I love the lips and eyes, you almost gave her a human face.
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Kinda looks one of the ninja turtles 
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You knew about the leaks and how they want to kill her character on Generation 5, right?
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Okay. That's an overstatement. And you almost gave me a heart attack.
To anyone reading, Applejack is not going to be killed. The team for G5 is considering massively altering her character though so that she's a tough city-girl, brought up with street smarts, etc. They're doing this because AJ's character is hard to write for in a way that facilitates growth. But this is just consideration at the moment and these leaks might not even be legitimate. Or some parts of the leaks might be real while others are fakes put in by trolls to stir everyone into a panic (which appears to be working).
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That was key art from animators, they want to reboot the show change the settings and recast their voice actors
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Yes. This isn't a bad thing. Nor is it a good thing. We'll just have to wait and see for further detail. Until then, prognostication serves little purpose. 
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It was good while it lasted

Never expected the ride to last so much when I joined in 2011/2012
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same here. Its got to end, don't want it to turn into a spongebob or fairy odd parents.
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Or worse into The Simpsons
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So you also came for the leaks huh?, I cant believe what they will do to applejack, I came wondering if my favourite apple artists knew something about it. I feel so sad right now.
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We only know what they are planning to do to her for sure
No imagine what happens to the rest of them.
Also, many characters don't reappear in the next gen, most likely the princesses and Sunset
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I love the tears, the head held high despite the pain, the lighting, the classical bust pose! It's all so good :heart:
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