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Marks of the Crusaders

Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark
For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Bigger, longer piece, for one because it's the 5th anniversary, but also this episode being quite significant on its own. So I pulling out a longer stream.
This episode... Such a nice closure of a chapter, but also an opening. So many things, from the little things such as the background fillies, to Diamond Tiara's background and awesome singing, and all the other music, and then the Cutie Marks.

Thing that got me bawling like the monkey I am however was Applejack... I... I... just, yea. That hit me right in the feels!

Had fun with this scene, trying to combine the different aspects that happened and putting it into a dynamic piece. Allowing me to practice some slight angled faces, and other.
Making this all in one session, though... it really puts my methods to the test. I went all over the place haha. Perhaps painting colour directly would've been eaiser or at least more straightforward. But oh well, it was fun!

Hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and the 5th anniversary. We're getting old :P

Approx Time: 17 hours
Marks of the Crusaders [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Once again, you have outdone yourself with this piece celebrating the Crusaders getting their cutie marks after 5 years in the making!!

This piece is simply beautiful and the effort and detail you put into this is very well done and impressive!! The Crusaders' cutie marks being shaped just like the shield from their logo was a perfect touch, and having the three stripes inside match the colors of their manes was also a nice touch as well!!

I just feel so proud of the Crusaders as one chapter in their lives closes, and another one opens as they begin their mission to help other ponies earn their cutie marks or learn the true purpose behind them like they did with Trouble Shoes!!

Awesome job, my friend!! You have earned my respect once more!!
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I loved this episode, and this picture fits the feeling! Both the episode and this drawing have a magical amazing feeling. This looks like it was made in clay! The positions of the CMC just push the feeling of magic in the picture. This picture has left me speechless.... The glow on the cutie marks draw the eye to the mark itself setting the central theme to the picture! The other thing that caught my eye, was the hair on scootaloo and apple bloom that lifts up slightly as if they were flying, or floating. One other thing I want to mention is the background. The bubbles for me at least, seam to give the idea of floating, rising to another chapter of their life.

This picture is beautiful and i don't think anything i say can give this picture what it deserves so im just going to leave this at Beautiful
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I love everything about this piece of art. The coloring is spot on, the changing from light to semi-dark, especially with the CMC shield as the background. The texture of the crusaders is beautiful and the sparkling of their cutie marks are stunning. This was probably one of my top favorite episodes of the whole series, and for the CMC to finally receive their cutie marks is my top favorite moment.

Also, I love the texture/technique you done with their manes and tails, making them appear life-like. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> Beautiful job. Also, the pink blended with the lavender as the back ground is excellent.
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I have got to be honest, I was NOT expecting this to happen, at least not so soon. I, for one, was expecting it to happen at least another year or two into the future, and with an episode for each one to get their cutie mark individually, as I'm sure many fans were. But I will admit, I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

When I saw them start to float and glow, it was the loudest gasp I have ever gasped in my life up to this point (I am serious). And now, thanks to you, we get to see a bit of what might have happened in that flash of light.

And I agree with what you said in your description. While their story of getting their cutie marks may be over, that doesn't mean that their journey of helping other ponies find AND understand their own cutie marks is. As many have said, and I quote, "As one door closes, another one opens." Or, as you said, "As one chapter ends, another begins." So, thank you for creating another marvelous piece.

And here's hoping for another five years of Friendship is Magic!
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mygosh,so cute!~i love CM so  much!!it changed my mind to through the CM.
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So realistic..
It's like I could reach out and touch em'!
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This is so cool 
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Aw they looks adorable one of my favs episdoe
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Oh my Fuck, IT TOOK LAUREN FIVE SEASONS FOR TO WAIT FOR THEM TO HAVE CUTIE MARKS, well, she may was thinking what cutie mark they could have.
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She left at the beginning of Season 1 you know.
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nicely done on cmc
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What do you use?
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I use an Intuos 4 large & Photoshop CC 2015
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wonderfull work...

this had to be one of THE best FIM episodes so far...and is one of my favorets(and im not even that big of a CMC fan)

this is right up there with "Twilights Kingdom" (loved that song and battle scene) and "Dragon quest" (yeah I know, go ahead and laugh)
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This is VERY amazing!At first I actually thought they were 3D Ponies like 3D Models on a program like SFM or Gmod or something.But.. wow.This is awesome.Though... I must say.. Apple Bloom and Scoot's legs look a little.. weird.No offense of course but those aren't the best legs :XD: But I am still very much in love with this art!The lighting,the detail,the 3D effect!It's very VERY well done! :D
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I love this! This is one of my favorite episodes, though I thought the cutie mark business was a bit rushed. I hear there will be a season six. Wonder what it will be about, since the cms got their you know whats...
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Wow, that episode made me cry TWICE. First when Diamond Tiara showed her true colors, and then when the CMCs got their cutiemarks. And then I cried even harder when the Big Sisters showed how proud they were ("if mom and dad were here.."). And everything else that happened.

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Beautiful! I love it.
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