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Marks of the Crusaders



Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 18 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark
For more info on my MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Bigger, longer piece, for one because it's the 5th anniversary, but also this episode being quite significant on its own. So I pulling out a longer stream.
This episode... Such a nice closure of a chapter, but also an opening. So many things, from the little things such as the background fillies, to Diamond Tiara's background and awesome singing, and all the other music, and then the Cutie Marks.

Thing that got me bawling like the monkey I am however was Applejack... I... I... just, yea. That hit me right in the feels!

Had fun with this scene, trying to combine the different aspects that happened and putting it into a dynamic piece. Allowing me to practice some slight angled faces, and other.
Making this all in one session, though... it really puts my methods to the test. I went all over the place haha. Perhaps painting colour directly would've been eaiser or at least more straightforward. But oh well, it was fun!

Hope y'all enjoyed the episode, and the 5th anniversary. We're getting old :P

Approx Time: 17 hours
Marks of the Crusaders [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Once again, you have outdone yourself with this piece celebrating the Crusaders getting their cutie marks after 5 years in the making!!

This piece is simply beautiful and the effort and detail you put into this is very well done and impressive!! The Crusaders' cutie marks being shaped just like the shield from their logo was a perfect touch, and having the three stripes inside match the colors of their manes was also a nice touch as well!!

I just feel so proud of the Crusaders as one chapter in their lives closes, and another one opens as they begin their mission to help other ponies earn their cutie marks or learn the true purpose behind them like they did with Trouble Shoes!!

Awesome job, my friend!! You have earned my respect once more!!