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Marked Mare

Anyone remember the little mare I made a year ago, alongside 3 others? in Marem of the Equine
She is considered part of First Contact War, with a little outfit change.

Decided  to try and remake her in this style. A lot of folks seemed to like her a lot back them, so I went and took the challenge. And oh did it in the end turn out to be a bit of a challenge haha.

Somehow, without knowing, I had chosen some exact circumstances where her primary eye appeared like it was her only eye. Due to the angle of the face, direction she looks in, hair, face shape, shading, and primarily also her camo pattern... kinda working as camo, obstructing clear view of her facial details and identification points. Things like her ear, nose and all that kinda got lost in this big area that was her pattern. But it was a fun discovery to see just how effective it was. (In the WIP steps you can see it more clearly without any adjustments)
It's still slightly there, but it's a bit less drastic with the adjustment I ended up making.

Either way. This piece was also a throwback to the early first month of this style, primarily keeping my Warm Adventure Flow in mind. Although with this pony's design being the way it is, it does make it a bit hard to compared. I may take one of the other 4 mares from the set and make another one like this next Saturday (maybe, not certain yet)

Or I may just end up designing more OC characters. Would give me even more choice of characters to paint in like this.

There's not really a backstory to her yet. She does stand out, and while she specifically may or may not have a story to her, at least her pattern kinda does. A unique line of genes and/or mutation, with varying attitude from other ponies being received. Appearance and physical state does play a role in FCW, and this is no exception on that. Whether it's positive or negative.

Approx Time: ~13 hours
Photoshop CC
Marked Mare [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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This design is simply AWESOME! And COOL at the same time :D
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Why are you so good, Assasinmonkey?
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I feel like she should have some kind of constellation name, hehe. She's so cute! ^_^
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she looks as though she has vertiligo...if i spelled that correctly.
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Stunning work!💜
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Ahhh! I see what you meant by her body markings not making her face very visible at first glance.
Because when i zoomed in it wasn't dificult to look at the details on her expression until i compared the wips with the final result and it did make a difference.

Something that caught my eye instantly was the way you arranged her color scheme for her skin and her dress, it's so original and mesmering!
Your composition for this piece turned out wonderfully! It was a nice touch to let her mane be white as a break from the splash of colors. She's a total favorite!

I look forward to know what else you'll do with this great character and her backstory, you should definetly draw her more. Or you could  just create even more designs, that sound really exciting as well!
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So colorful yet very realistic. Amazing work.
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I like how you manage to keep the spots matching precisely between the two images.  It's easy to get lazy and just try to make the spots similar without taking that extra effort to match everything exactly.  I thought you should know your efforts did not go unnoticed.
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I tried so hard to see what you were talking about in the WIPs....but honestly didn't see the problem XD it all looked very clear and detailed to me and both her eyes stood out the entire way along for me XD Maybe I am mistaken about what you mean by primary eye?

edit; Also want to say this character is georgous an all though she is a challenge I would love to see her more! Different angles ect and her personality!
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Such a galactic look! I really need to cuddle her. Or cheer up her. She looks so sweet!
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The shading is incredible!
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Wow, big difference between the old and new
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That is quite a dapper Dapple.
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Beautiful young lady! One day I may reach your level, hopefully before I expire of old age LOL!
Any chance of a solo of the soft green mare with the cute freckles on the left of Marem of the Equine?
So adorable. Have a crush on this one as well,…
I think you are the only artist that even thought of this....
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Beautifu! ...Though she does kinda look like one of those expensive marbled balloons...
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Yay, the speckled horse returns!
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