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Magical Flow

Another mare for my First Contact War universe.

Because wizard hats are for ponies.

Making some more fun little designs with random original characters. It's a magical experience.
The hat made for a nice experiment regarding cast shadows, which have not been that strong with this style. Branching out a bit I guess. I could feel some unfamiliarity with it, but also just the darn hat itself haha.

Single session, which makes it interesting to see what I ended up focusing on more compared to previous times. That robe...
I also did make a cleaner sketch for this one, while last time was very messy.

Anywho, fun little pony. Will be included in my Patreon packs.

Approx Time: 9-10 hours
Magical Flow [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyWarm Adventure Flow by AssasinMonkey

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Vision: For the title of Magical Flow the image does paint this picture for me with the hat, spell book, the other fact the character is dressed in garb with a hat normally associated with magic paints it very clear to me of something magical going on or going to be happening. Nicely done on the vision.

Originality: It being My Little Pony isn't too original as it has been used many times but as I say each artist brings their own originality to the piece since each artist has their own style and abilities and methods of how they draw lines, shading, coloring if used, and emotions put into their work so the pony factor isn't too original but the original feel for this artist makes it original.

Magical garb with a pony I've seen but not in this style or these colorings before or in this fashion with the shoes. It's a very lovely piece and though ponies aren't too original the way the artist has created it has made it feel fresh and original with the way the color choices were made on the clothing, shoes, and the pony's color choices as well with the background make it feel original out from all the others.

Technique: The level of detail is amazing as I've noticed this like many others can do. I will begin with the mare herself. I like her coat color it's nice and isn't too bright not too dim either so a nice balanced color. Her eyes speak volumes showing the happiness and joy she's feeling beautifully. The color is magnificently chosen with I would say wonderful highlights and shading to show the lights shinning above around as well as the shading from her hat to show the brim is coming out adding depth to the picture.

Her smile is also nicely done showing more to reflect in the eyes the happiness she is feeling and the awe and excitement in her as she makes her way down the street. It's smooth but not too smooth giving it a realistic feel and not feel like she is forcing a smile or faking her emotions. This is added to by the shading on the face which shape it nicely giving it form and helping it feel more real and not flat as a board.

The shading on the neck is nicely done in my opinion and the mane is also beautifully done showing the movement of her head and body nicely. I also like how with the mane and tail the strains of hair are shown so well with their lines giving it a very nice feel so it doesn't feel like its been gelled all together. Sometimes that way works but here this way it was done works here and I don't think having less strains showing would add as much to the picture as what is added by seeing so many strains displaying a feel of motion with grace.

Staying with the mare's head the hat is beautiful. I love the coloring of it and the way it feels like it is real fabric in my opinion. The wonderful shading to show the folds and bends in the material adds to it excellently to show it is not something hard and solid but soft and flexible being something fabric is known for. The color is beautiful in my opinion and goes nicely with the golden bell at the end of that hat and the white dots as well as the pink ribbon at the top and around the yellow brim of the wizards hat.

The shading on each ribbon is done very well giving it also a nice realistic feel of being a fabric or silk material. The shine on the bell brought the sight of polished metal to me a wonderful touch nicely done. I also liked how the inside of the hat is done to be a darker blue to demonstrate it being darker inside obviously I think that with the shading was nice along with the darker yellow on the under side of the hat to give it more of a realist feel.

The yellow collar of the outfit is beautifully done with its color, shading, and the highlights frame it nicely and again bring it to feel like fabric and not a piece of plastic or bland material used that has no texture or ability to be touched. The blue is very pretty and does well with the tan shade of yellow around its edges and in against the white of the sleeves and legs of the white fabric layered under the blue. The way the lines are done and shading to show the movement of the fabric is excellent and gorgeous.

I also like the blurring effect to show distance between the front of the mare to the back giving depth to the picture. The detail on the tail is still easy to see while not losing that though it is blurred to show the distance that it is back from the camera location so to give it a realistic feel. I find it interesting and neat with the way there appears to be what looks like a fabric wrap or leather wrapped around the end of the outer dress to be around the tail. That is a very unique and nice touch. Mustn't let peeping colts peep I suppose hehe. Very nice and something I haven't seen before.

I love the darker blue and darker tan yellow underneath to show the fact it is not getting much light so is darker due to shadowing. On the white under clothing I'm calling it is also wonderfully done. I love the way the lines are done with the adding shadowing and highlighting to give it a very realistic feel and sound for her movement. Each one is done I would say perfectly in my opinion for the way it is positioned compared to the bend and placement of the leg including the back legs as well is nicely done.

Now for her leather bag that is excellent to my opinion on the way the texture is done with shading and darker with lighter shades of the brown to give it the feel of leather around her body held for her saddle bags. I also liked the attention to detail on the stitch work. I like how it is bending in on itself and up to show it is empty or is holding very little to keep it built out and stable. Its open flap is lovely with the slit to show where it fastens on the main body of the bag. The detail also on the strap going under her body is lovely.

The detail on her shoes I also enjoy to the shading and highlighting with the slight shade difference in the leather to demonstrate its material. The shape is nice and the way it is design reminds me of a sandal which is lovely showing it is easy for an earth pony to get on and off alone. The blur on the back sandals is nicely done as it is on the pants legs as I calling them is nice as well.

Onto the background now. It is beautifully done in my opinion. I get a feeling of early morning or later into the day with a fog moving in due to a recent rain and temperatures being so fog could form and fill the streets. It has a very mystical feel and yet not falling into a horror feel. The detail on the stone below her hooves is nicely done and gives a nice view on angle with the perception of the lines giving the picture even more depth to its main focal point being the mare.

The walls of the buildings rising up and the roofs with the what looks like a bridge and the tall tower points is very nice with its dimmer coloring to show distance and the fact of the fog in the area adding to the mystic feel of the area to if its just foggy from an event taking place or if its foggy from natural occurrences or if its foggy due to an unseen force very nice along with the detail on the walls close enough for the detail to be seen in full.

The way the roofs are makes me think of Canterlot so that be interesting if she was in Canterlot or another city similar.

I also like the detail on the leather binding the book to her side and the golden end covers and cover on the bottom to help protect the binding and the sight of the individual pages as well is wonderfully done. The shading is nice and shows its position wonderfully that it is behind her and from where the light is coming from. The shine on the golden color shows a metal tone giving it a cool metal feel in my opinion nicely done and also I like the shade of yellow for the gold metal is different from the yellow tan of the edges of the dress so they blend nicely but also at the same time are different enough to tell what ends and starts where to know they are not part of the same thing but separate.

Only thing I could probably think of to suggest on to improve the artwork would be for the blurring perhaps for the end of the dress that is flowing out and back on the bottom part maybe a little bit more blur on the edges maybe and lessen blur as it got closer to the camera's position if it would not make it look bad. Another thought is perhaps on the top of the fabric maybe up along the back where it comes up over her but a little more blur and then as it is closer to the top of her back less blur but a little more if it wouldn't ruin it maybe a little more to help the transition more? I wonder this because of the back legs their level of blur and the blur on the tail and fabric around the tail and around the fabric or leather that is binding the dress around the tail because of their level of blur but if this would ruin it then never mind.

Beautiful work as always overall on technique and detail.

Impact: This brings me to thinking over if she's in Canterlot and if this would be in the era of Star Swirls life if he is even existing at this time or in the area she is in if it is not Canterlot. I wonder what is inside the book she has as well and wonder if she's going to meet someone to practice magic or potion making being an Earth pony. I say Earth pony because I don't see a horn so I assume to learn potion making for her magic. Or is going to learn new spells to take back to her kingdom for their Unicorns. A magnificent piece that as most artwork if rightly done has me thinking over what story if any is behind or is to accompany it.

Overall: Gorgeous and beautifully done with amazing detail on the clothing, the leather, shoes, shading, and on the mane and tail with the expression. The expression just brings her to life showing excitement and joy to me anyways. I love the background and the setting and her outfit is beautiful for its color choices and the way the movement of it has been done.

Only thing can think of for improvement unless it would do otherwise would be maybe a little more blur around the under edge of the cloak that is out to the side of the tail and fade out the blur as it gets closer to show better depth and transition from back to front and same for the top maybe around the butt and part that is closer towards the tail a little bit of blur more and it fade as it gets closer to her back and to the ends of the dress that are closer to our point of view so the transition is smoother but if that would ruin it then never mind.

Amazing artwork and excellently done with such beauty and grace.