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Little Soft Relax



Some times you just gotta take it easy and relax a bit. Whether it's alone or together. Get to your spot of choice and just let it all flow by. It's important to relief some stress from time to time, or to just get away from things and switch it up.

Oh and you didn't think this one wasn't also influenced by the fabulous :iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd did you? Of course I have to mention her, of course it is! As I'm hoping she has been able to find some time to relax.

As far as status update on getting enough for a calendar. I want at least 4 more, then I'll actually have to put that thing together. It'll be pretty basic, I'll put it together myself, because finding a print place with the right text and numbers has proven to be hard and time consuming without real results.

I thought I had more stuff sitting on my mind, to type out here.
Anyhow, stay calm and pony on!

PS: Yes, after the first couple pieces with Applejack on the left, I started doing that on purpose.

Approx Time: 3 hours
Photoshop CC 2015
Little Soft Relax [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyThe New Bloom by AssasinMonkey

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Rarity: Applejack. How can you be comfortable on that bay of hay?
Applejack: Well, it takes some time to get accustomed. But you get used to.
R: It's simply no way a pony should sleep on.
AJ: Uh, Rare? Most of our beds are filled with the stuff?
R: Not mine! I'm too delicate of a mare to sleep on a mattress full of... h-hay!
AJ: And on what kind of bed are you sleeping on, then?
R: Canterlot's finest bed, of course.
AJ: Huh?
R: Metal springs and a special foam made of.... *ahem* (quietly) p-pegasus feathers....
AJ: W-what did you say?
R: Uh... I meant goose feathers. Yes.
AJ: Rainbow would not be happy to hear what you just said.
R: Please! Don't tell her! Please!
AJ: Well... You have no choice to sleep on hay now.
R: No! Not that! I already have insomnia!
AJ: I heard that you sleep pretty well. Your sister came to my farm telling us she couldn't sleep because you were... snoring?
R: ....
AJ: Hahaha! Welcome into the club.
AJ: Try this bale right now and ah promise ah won't tell.
R: *sigh* I have no choice do I?
AJ: Nope.
R: *righ* Fine. Y-you can have my cushion. But don't stain it!
AJ: Relax. Ah won't.
They both stood up and laid on their respective bed.
R: For Celestia's love! I-I can't do it! The straws are messing with my mane, it itch and....
AJ: *snores*
R: Hmph!
She levitated her friend and put it her back on the bale.
AJ: W-what? What? Huh? Where...
R: You fell asleep the moment you laid on my cushion.
AJ: Huh? Oh. Ah guess being used to sleep on rough beds, that one was sooo...
R: Comfortable?
AJ: Yeah. And your bed is...
She nodded.
AJ: Wow! Too bad my bed is not that good. *Nervous laugh* Ah could probable have even better sleep and...
R: I know somepony who could make you one, but far cheaper than mine.
AJ: REALLY? Uh... ah mean...
R: I won't tell Rainbow if you never mention of my snoring ever again.
AJ: Deal.
They hoof bumped.
AJ: But you gotta tell Sweetie too about... you know...
R: Oh. But I have something in mind about that...

Later. At the boutique.
Sweetie Belle: Uh, Rarity? What are these?
R: Ear plugs.
SB: What I'm supposed to do with them?
R: Simple. You put them in your ears to cut out the... noise which prevents you to fall asleep.
SB: Like your....
Rarity glared at her younger sister.
SB: R-right.
R: Good.
SB: Hey! What about you put something in your mouth to prevent you to-
R: What about I send you to Applejack's each night to sleep on the hay?
SB: They don't make sleep on the h- Oh. She told you.
R: Yes. Or I could ask her to make a bed of hay just for you. Wouldn't that be great? You could sleep so well since you seem to enjoy it.
SB: Y-yeah. Great. But no thanks.
R: Really? Oh. Are you sure?
SB: *groan* Give me the plugs.
Sweetie Belle walked to her room while levitating the plugs.
R: Are you could back to mom and dad's?
SB: Dad's snoring is even worse than your!
R: Really?
SB: No. You're the worst.
R: Hmph! I guess I will ask AJ about that bed, then.
SB: Noooo!

Wonderful work