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Little Snow Apples

Usually my Saturdays involve FCW, but this time I did things a little different.

Couple apples different. I suppose with these holiday times, last Saturday before Christmas, and all that, I'd go with a winter piece. Of course... a decent sized one, because the Apple Family isn't large enough yet.

Spent too darn much time on the clouds, hah. Oh well.
This was all done in 1 session, as I usually try on Saturdays. Not the longest stream, but better than average.

Still a fairly rough finish, but that's ok. I kinda want to find a balance... balance as usual, wants to be found.

Approx Time: 11,5 hours
Time Lapse:
I'm more than 2 months behind with time lapses...
Little Snow Apples [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I am really enjoying this pic. I love the softer color palette/strokes than you usually use for your art. It's kind of (almost painfully) bright on the eyes though, but it is snow and is thus kind of unavoidable. I do wish the fence had a slightly darker shade of brown though so it looked a bit older and that the wiring/twine on the hay bale were a bit darker so they'd stick out more/were more visible. Also could use some "indents" formed around said twine so it looked like they were tightly wound around the hay bale. Other than that and maybe a few very VERY minor nitpicks, I enjoy the pic overall, I think it's one of your best so far.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! The emotion on everypony's individual faces really gives life to the picture. And the detail to every little thing really helps give a life like feeling to the image aswell, with shading being so exquisite to being able to see the detail of every hair on the mane. Lets not forget the background detail for the trees, clouds, sky etc. being breath taking, why it makes me feel like im part of the picture just glancing at it. This is truly a wonderful, one of a kind master piece and i truly look forward to seeing your future work.
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I love winter apples
its sour and good
Healer-and-protecter's avatar
Super cute and fantastic. I really love this piece.
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Stumbling aross your gallery, I've never been so ecstatic to watch someone! :eager:
From the fine textures in the snow to the background details and seeing these characters in your style blending in smoothly~ 't makes me so ridiculously happy to look at this!
At these! Because I have no clue how you do it! I mean--
when I look at this time lapse,
there is messy sketching and then
rendered characters~ :iconimaginationplz:
't Is wonderful! Great work, great, GREAT work!
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Aw!!! Nice!!! What a lovely scene!!! :love: :love: :love:
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it winter time !
silberhase's avatar
It looks great with the clouds and the mountains in the background.
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very nice. makes me wanna hurl a snowball too

But i can't cos we don't get snow where i live :(
Midnight-Star234's avatar
AWWW Applebloom is so cute.
pinkie-pie-time's avatar
Absolutely Beautiful I really Love this <3 

please may i use this on my Facebook?
i just know this would make a simply
incredible cover for My Timeline Of
course i'd promote you & your Da
Account if you'd like your work
is truly superb so i'd love to help
you with your goals in anyway
i possibly can ^_^
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An absolutely wonderful piece. Keep up the good work~
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Beautiful piece! Makes me feel like I'm in Breckenridge!
Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack 
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The best part of this piece is the action. I could so see Granny Smith doing this, and I completely support it! I can also picture the SpongeBob episode "The Snowball Effect" being paralleled.
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Am I seeing things or is that an adorable snowpony to the lower left??
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This is awesome! 
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Very cool! I dig it. :D
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"No one's gonna snowball the Apple Family!"

Definitely like it. Good details on all the hoofprints and the backdrop. The faces are a *bit* rough. Still, I'd say it went very well, AM.
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One of the best winter pieces of MLP fanart I've ever seen.

Amazing work on this one.
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Very beautiful, you've captured all the details perfectly.
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