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Little Nugget

A little something. Three little things, one smaller than the others, though.
Originally planned to make something else today, but then I got distracted by frogs. The Desert Rain Frog, aka Nugget Frog I suppose. So there we go hah.
Edit: Relevant video I used a lot during the stream I made this in:

Also I guess :iconwhitediamondsltd: 's Rarijackdaily is still rubbing off on me haha. You can just create such amusing scenarios with these two. Their contrast works so well for that.

This style here is a combination of two previous ones, taking ponies from one and the lines & colours from another.
Wanted to see how that'd work. Needed a bit of adjusting, and could still be adjusted more, but I think it kinda works.

Folks mentioned I should print these on postcards. I should totally do that. And should totally get onto the fact I already have a bunch of stuff lying around to sell prints online. Just gotta put together a plan, still.

PS: Oh my gosh, I went over 11000 watchers already?! Y'all are amazing, thank you so much for all the support!
I remember 10000 was reached not that long ago, exactly two months back in the weekend I made Rainity :O

Approx Time: 2,5 hours
Little Nugget [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyHow you like them apples?! by AssasinMonkeyNot A Comic, Test by AssasinMonkey

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This is absolutly THE BEST THING EVER!
I wish i could draw like you and make cute stuff =3
Rarity is not my favorite but Applejack is!
I love to work with you sometime if thats ok...
Applejack is seriously freaking cute X3
If i look at this its 5 stars surely
Originality yes 5 stars!
Technique is......AMAZING
Impact is fine
The ponies are very detailed and i love that
The picture is cute, the best and funny
I love when people don't do the pencil away!!!!!!
Its the perfect picture that must be on YouTube
Hope you make more drawings like this
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They look so adorable! I love your style with these too! Anyway, the picture is very well drawn! Uh, wait, how many words do I need?! There are only so many ways to say that it's amazing! It's really really really really really really really really really really really really awesome! From all of the Chibi pony pictures I've seen, your ones are definitely my favourites!
Word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word lots of words words words I am so sorry for the spam. LOVE IT!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This was just so cute, I just had to favorite this and make a critique.

I love the designs you put on Applejack and Rarity. So much that I called those two a pony-pony. It sounds weird, but I found it cute.

I also love the style you put into this. It looks like it was drawn traditionally, but at the same time, it looks like it was drawn straight onto the computer.

Overall, this is a really, really cute piece of art! Are you gonna do some on Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, etc?

Keep up the good work. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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I love the contrast reactions between the two, it just makes it feel more complete.
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adorable <3
love your style its so kawaii x3
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OMFC they look sooooo cute :D
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I think of this exquisite pic what Rarity clearly thinks of that frog.
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"Isn't it just adorable, Applejack?"
"Looks kinda like a poo with legs ta me."
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BTW, is there by any chance you recorded this while you drew it :o?

I'd love to do this kind of art style, it looks AWEsome :D
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The... The adorableness D;



*Tombstone Writing: Here lies me, death by adorableness"
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             Chibi Applejack Icon Chibi Rarity Belle Icon 
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I've always said that Rarity's like my mum. Guess what? My mum loves frogs! She has a huge collection of frog decorations at home, including bed pillows and handphone holders.
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Fantastic work again :p I love this new style of yours
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fucking chihuahua horses
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That is so cute. I like the look on Rarity's face. :aww:
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