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Little Hearts and Hooves

Oh who saw this coming?

You didn't think I had stopped making these right? The calendar might have had enough to be filled, but that is no reason to stop. Also, I'm making a last minute change in it, by having this one replace an older one, for the style change that I slightly applied to these. This one fits in a bit better.

And also since :iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd is back, and I failed to get any chocolates, I had to get some other chocolates instead. So here we go, digital ones!
Although... I hope Applejack and Rarity don't eat it all.

Approx Time: 3 hours
Photoshop CC
Little Hearts  Hooves [WIP] by AssasinMonkeySunny Little Summerponies by AssasinMonkey

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Aww, you drew them so cute! I love the style!
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What's so special about the user, Whitediamond?
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She's the creator of Rarijack daily and a great friend, probably the biggest reason I've been making these two so much. Besides that it gives me an excuse to make more Applejack as well haha.
Getting exposed to the pairing so much seems to do things with me heh.
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Such a sweet picture!
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Nom-nomtines Day! Heheh, so sweet. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Applejack: How long are we supposed to stay like that?
Rarity: As long as Spike doesn't take the picture I guess. Spike?
Spike: Uh, it won't be long.
AJ: Why in tarnation this takes so long? It's just a picture right?
S: Right. Wait!
AJ: What?
S: Uh... oh.
He ran in the direction of the castle.
AJ: Well, we could taste it while since he...
Spike came back, panting.
S: You.... you are going to laugh.... it didn't have a film...
AJ: I'm not laughing. Ah give you ten seconds and my half will be gone.
S: Uh, okay. Take the pose.
S: There. Now you... Whoa!
Applejack ate the half of the heart.
AJ: What? Ah was hungry. *belch*
R: Applejack!
AJ: S-sorry sugarcube. Want your half?
R: ....
AJ: What?

Happy Valentine's Day! Beautiful work.
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so cute, Happy Valentine's Day
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Awww they are adorable Love 
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Well ain't this sweet~ Really nice work, very cute :D
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aww lovely =)=)=)<3
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Ahhh...some adorable Rarijack never gets old, especially AM :)
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sending you chocolates in spirit!!
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I love this art! Can I feature it on my Tumblr…? I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Sorry for a bit late reply.
Anyhow, sure! You may share it there, with credit and link :)
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Awww cuteness!! :aww:
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Very cute! Love these pieces.
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