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Little Gryphy #01 - FCW Short Story

So the story begins, playful, innocent, and with potentially a lot ahead of her.

Part of my 'First Contact War' - Short Stories.

This art style, Oh gosh. So new for me hah.
Hope it's tolerable :P

No text for this story. I like reading pictures instead.
PS: I noticed that in every panel, something is open...

I'm planning to work on FCW every Saturday in my Picarto Streams.

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Haruka--chan's avatar
Totally adorable!

I love your style!
AskMerisstheSkeletal's avatar
this is gonna turn into a disney similar story, isnt it
lonelynightrain's avatar
What a cute little thing.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
This is adorable! /)^3^(\
tigreanpony's avatar
MadOvid's avatar
I wanna boop its nose.
FralLeman's avatar
Yes little one...go into the forest...
uncommentator's avatar
<doctor who theme here>
FaelaArts's avatar
Reminds me of...Brave was it? The bear movie.
Aw, isn't that little griffin adorable?  I get the sense she's got some unpleasantness coming in the immediate future. I'm going to guess those wisps aren't planning on leading anywhere a prudent griffon would want to go; they seldom do.
LordKane666's avatar
hmm I really like this art style 
mystic2u's avatar
Killed by cuteness..... * dead *
BenPanced-II's avatar
Lovely art, ridiculously cute character.
zaiali's avatar
potsticker13's avatar
Wow, amazing artwork!
cayleycom's avatar
Going to watch you now, this is adorable!!!!!
DoTheDinosaur24's avatar
Oops, I meant the fourth pannel, sorry:D (anywho,so syched that you answered!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Huussii's avatar
Dang, something I've kinda thought to start on the concept of elemental ponies later, though that story wont be a long one in any case. I still need to develop the story way more for it to be presented well enough though, if it'll ever be.

Really looking forward to what you're going to build out of this, and what have you developed. I should try pitching in your streams again to keep up. =p
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Putting in a large story element like such brings quite a bit of a challenge to it. I'll either succeed nicely, or fail gloriously. Such as making it Way Way longer than I should be :XD: This is such new ground, though I at least have a rough idea of what I want... or could do with this little one.

You should totally join in on the stream fun. Especially if it means we'll get to see more like your elemental pony concepts :D
ColonelYeo's avatar
This is looking great so far, Assasin! :wow:

I'm loving the style.
aemeyer's avatar
This looks like it could either go into "Spirited Away" happy fantasy stuff, or something much darker.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I like your choice of reference. Oh gosh, that makes me realise I have to choose! Oh the surprises I have to make :D
aemeyer's avatar didn't plan out whether this would be a Bad End or not already? But foreshadowing with tiny little details is the best part!
AssasinMonkey's avatar
There is kind of a plan, with some key points I definitely want to get to. The path to it I've been a bit unsure about which approach to take.

I guess bad&good is also slightly relative in this case. Considering it's already under the name "First Contact War" :XD:
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