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Little Apples Applejack

Just a little random Applejack.
Not so randomly chosen to be Applejack I guess...

Kinda sad I didn't keep the initial face, because that would've shown the bit of struggle to make this "cute". Working in different proportions than usual, experimental, figuring stuff out, which I do find quite enjoyable. As I've shown through making quite a few different Applejacks over the years, heh.

Anyohow, here's a little combo I don't think I've really done before. Then again, there's a lot of combinations of size, shape, face, hooves, hands, and what not, that you can make. That's part of the fun right?!

Anyhow, Apples. For those wondering, the outfit is one from the EQG Friendship Games movie, during the party. There's several outfits from that movie I still want to make. I often default to her casual outfit or the one from the 'Friendship through the ages'.

Approx Time: 1 hours?
Photoshop CC

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Oh my, this is absolutely adorable! :love: This style is amazing! :heart:
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I'd love a figurine of this ^.^
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Super adorable. Do you plan on doing other ponies like this? A Trixie would be amazing with her wizard hat!
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Best pone is looking cute as always <3
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AJ is best pony x3
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Awwwwww, Applejack is cute here in your style, Myron. ^w^
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Imma scoop her up for hugs! :dummy:
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Aaah, she is so tiny! /)^3^(\
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Damn, She is wonderful!
:iconapplejackplz:"Now ain't she just the cutest lil' thang"
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Is it weird how this is making me think of Stardew Valley?
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By golly this is cute as a button
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