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Little Apple Littlejacks



Was sketching some speed sketches, starting looking like cute little Applejacks, so I ended up refining them slightly and adding colour!

My Apple Littlejack style where the ears originate from in a different... style

I've been slowly getting more used to these kind of styles. It's kinda fun and a bit unintended to be almost a serious style I'm carrying.
Like I don't have enough styles already...

Doing these simpler, faster, and yet also kinda finished things make me want to do some short comics again. Like my Little Gryphy Short Story

Short stories are actually something I'm thinking about doing more, also to maybe incorporate into my Patreon rewards.

Plenty of things to think about. Anyhow, I also needed to fill my Applejack quota again :P
Was nice to relax a bit again and just make Apples

Approx Time: 20~30 min. each
Little Apple Littlejacks [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Those are cute!