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Lands Beyond Limits

New addition for my First Contact War universe.

Had Celestia and Luna in armour, time for the Gryphons to join in!
Made the design from scratch instead of using one of my older pieces, although I did take some elements.
Not exactly the same "royal" equivalent of Celestia or Luna, but that's also because the Gryphons have a different hierarchy. Conduits gryphonswould be more along their lines.

Darn environment, though haha. I just wanted to make an armoured gryphon!
I should practice environment again, I was screwing around badly with a lot of it.
Next time... next time... maybe...
Spend like 2-3 hours sketching a bunch of different things before I ended up in this direction...

Anywho, I guess Gryphons sport helmets

Approx Time: 10 hours (including all indirect sketches)
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Lands Beyond Limits [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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damn it now i want to see a for honor style griffon knight. 
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"You are trespassing in Gryffon Commonwealth's territory in a forbidden zone! Do you have a authorization in your passport?"

"N-no ... "

"Then turn around and leave!"
Every day the griffon eats one cow.
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Lovely contrast between the stunning realistic details, lighting/shading and the cutesy stubby creatures XD
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Message from Kkat:

Absolutely gorgeous.  Sunning and with brilliant imagination!
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very impressive large image
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Woah.... big gryphon! I don't think I want that one mad at me. ^^;

Big and beautiful. :D
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30 mm GAU-Avenger cannon. Loaded with AP shells. :-)

This will do. :-)
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OMFG, this is gorgeus!!
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Really awesome job on the lighting, and the proportions of the griffon are definitely epic, but I think I like its wings the most. I think they'd have to be at least that big anyway to carry all that extra weight in armor! 
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Utterly Epic ^^
Hah! Take that! Filthy cub-stealing invaders! I love seeing this: the ponies usually get all the spotlight.
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Great job again :)
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Wow! Its so amazing!
You are very talented!

This is the type of stuff I want to be able to do, maybe one day i'll be this good...
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I can't figure out what's going on In this image. It looks bad for the pony, but it could just as well be good. There are few visual queues to indicate the mood I should be feeling in this scenario.
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Wow!  That griffon looks awesome!  Those ponies are in some serious trouble!
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Oh sh-t, she gonna get eated!
Pony seems uninjured, and unarmed. Civilian traveler?
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I'm glad you chose the scalemail style for griffons. Always saw them as likely to use it. Also, wonderful shaping on that helm. Well done.
The rest doesn't need to be said. It's you, after all. You always rock.
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Dat pony be in serious trouble =p
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This is amazing and you should feel amazing
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