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Knight in Day

Patron Voted Character Painting!
June's winner Luna makes an appearance.

I went a bit further with this piece than I planned to do, but eh, I've made Luna before, so I thought I'd do things bit different.

This was actually take two. First take was basically a repaint of an old fan favourite Statim Luna, but I decided I didn't want to repaint that piece almost exactly the way it was. So I went with a compromise, taking some iconic elements from it, armour, and such, but all in a more current visual style, and different setting, all that stuff.

Painting reflective armor is quite a fun challenge. The weird shapes. Mostly the chest parts here were fun. Big convoluted single plates.

Tried to approach the head shape different for her.
Also, cloudscapes again for once.

(Now Luna is finished, July's winner Yona will be next on the list)

Approx Time: ~13 Hours
Photoshop CC

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wut program u use did u make it is SAI or something else :P
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Photoshop CC. read the description
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Loving the work on her hair!
FallenIllusions's avatar

this is art right here
gutgutgut's avatar
Beautiful, astonishing... I'm at a loss for words...
Maran-Zelde's avatar
I really like her mane!
Tikeyx's avatar
o m g... LOVE IT!
spazzikat's avatar
This is GORGEOUS! The amount of detail is just mind blowing!
cajobif's avatar
Pony look epic in armor. But for flying she would need a light one.

Wonderful work
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I have no clue how you got the effect with her mane and tail, but it awesome.
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Beautiful Woona!
HeliosFive's avatar
Amazing work! Especially the lighting and space effects with the mane are stellar and a great armor!
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I adore her hair, and that armor is wonderful. :heart:
Maddog3060's avatar
Absolutely outstanding.
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This is just too cool! Excellent work as always! princess Luna 
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holy fude
i don't even like mlp but FUDGE
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nice job on Princess Luna/ Nightmare Moon xD
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