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Knight for Apples

More Applejack? Yes please.
Armoured plates on a female that are somewhat practical? Yes please. I love designing that.
PS: I imagined it as her not having full plate and instead using a shield to cover that up. Full plate man at arms usually didn't have or need shield.

This piece is kinda a successor to my older Everfree Hunt humanized Applejack. You could almost consider this a "redraw", but I didn't keep the designs the same, just the rough idea. It's still kinda fun to see the different approach I took with something so similar. Mostly working in grey scale this time around, and it actually didn't take too long...

I had random ideas floating around for the armor, mostly designing it on the go, wanting to try out specific things. Such as thinner plates, and slightly bendy ones or something. At least that was the idea. I also simply wanted to make Applejack's human face again. :P
A more realistic one that is.

At first when I began I thought... what did I start for a Saturday stream piece where I gotta finish it within the stream. But it didn't end up too bad. I was a lot more focused, though.

PS: The HighRes and PSD file will be included in my Patreon packs. I used quite a bit of layers this time around, ending up with a big file hehe.

Approx Time: 12 hours
Everfree Hunt by AssasinMonkeyKnight for Apples [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Okay, as a Applejack fan, I really love this piece. Actually, to be sorta honest, I'm getting Fable 2 vibes here. (If you've ever played the game, you might know what I mean.)

Anyways, colors and shading are spot on. Gives a sense of mystery and intrigue, and a little bit of eerieness as well, actually. Who knows what lurks in this dark and dank forest, eh?

This is probably one of the more impactful pieces I've seen of AJ. From one Applejack fan to another, I really love that you did this. So often I see her in western themed art, which is nice and all, but fantasy? Awesome.
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Having watched and followed your work for some time now, I can honestly say that you continue to astound me. I can tell that you take great pride in your work, and your art is a testament to your abilities. I think this is your best work to date.

From one fellow Applejack fan to another, would like to say that I am pleased to see her portrayed this way. And even though the picture is in almost mute colors, you've captured AJ's Amazon-like beauty. And Winona comes across as a loyal and faithful companion, as dogs should.

I praise you for being such a dedicated fan, and I look forward to more amazing pieces in the future.
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I like the 'realistic'-armour approach, although I believe she would have problems raising her arms due to the lack of sliding & jointed plates in the shoulder-guard. Also, the stem and leaf additions to her apple-shield would be fragile and could risk causing her injury ... an non-ornamented top would be better, with the stem and leaf being embellishments seen on the front-face only.

Still a very good image.
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Reminds me of something out of the Fable series, really.
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Great work wow
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I would encourage all android users to look at this work closely by zooming. excellent!
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На пса жалко смотреть
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12 HOURS???????


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A remarkable picture, really. I hadn't even realized I didn't fav it the first time I came across. Changed that now of course.
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Welcome to how to do boobplate right with applejack
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Your 3D rendering is fantastic!  The armor looks great and the attention given to her expression is great!
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SUPER EPIC! I love her armor and weapons
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Amazing artwork. Well done.
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Absolutely beautiful!!! This definitely reminds me of Link.

I just love your attention to detail!!!!!
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cute little dog!
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It is perfect !
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Love the shield.
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