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Keeping an open mind

Oh gosh, nom nom nom. Here's Rarity!
MLP:FIM Episode Art! S04E23

This piece... those... clothes... hats... dresses, my gawd. Rarity and Spike time was fun though. She really seems used to having him around. All the little secret sharing and plans. With a nice lesson for Spike, who seems as oblivious to things as ever. But I guess for his age, that's normal. Especially if his dragon years scale similar to humans/ponies

Kept it rough this time haha, besides some stream derpage, those piles just what a task. In a way, turned out a bit better sooner than I thought. So I kept it and did some cheap adjustments on top to make it slightly better again. Had to spend time on Rarity and Spike as well right?

Both their faces were pretty fun to make. Did notice I've been changing my face styles closer to the show... again. I keep going back and forth :P Which isn't a bad thing at all. Keeps things fresh and ever changing.
Also, ended up not doing a greyscale for this one. Directly into colours, which goes better and better as well. Not sure if I want to stick to that fully. I want the advantages of both sides muaha

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episode. 2 more weeks right?

Approx Time: 8,5 hours
Keeping an open mind [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Once again, you hit the episode art wonderfully. I really love this episode! I also loved when Rarity turned Pinkie Pie's Party into a Fancy one! It made me burst out laughing when Pinkie was like "HUH?" Annyways, back to the artwork. I love the mane you gave Rarity and the piles of clothes all around her. Spike looks like he either tripped on something, or was frighten by Rarity. I also like the Sunflowers in the back. Very Summery. *Sunflowers are my favorite <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="395" title=":P (Lick)"/>* Also, What i like about your artwork is that you put things in the background making me want to see what they are. Great Job, AM!
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I personally love this because of the way you depicted the dresses in the background. Rarity's face is very detailed and defined, while the dresses seem to almost melt together, almost all being the same. To me this almost shows that these dresses are no longer something special now that she has made so many by cheating.
I also love how Spike's face shows true horror at what his best "friend" has become because of what he did. The main problem that I have with this is that Spike's mouth kind of looks like an old woman's mouth, making him look weird.
Rarity's face sincerely looks like she's gone insane, and her frazzled hair is done very well, not only with the small hairs poking out, but also with the way that it is slightly off from the shape that we know.
Another thing that I like is how Spike's tail is depicting motion by being curved back.
Oh my gosh! Rarity with the green eyes was scary. However Twilight got messed up mane yet again (good call back when she has hair sticking out in "Lesson Zero"), because she had to undo dark magic 
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that wild look on her face does it for me lol. awesome job
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"Let's get creative!"
warphogx7's avatar
heeerrrs Rarity
Fighterpilot555's avatar
"I've made dresses for the next 15 SEASONS!!!"
Didya hear guys? Seasons 5-19 confirmed!
xXsnugglesncuddlesXx's avatar
Wow, this is really fine work nice job!
Envirotech's avatar
:D AWWWESOME!!  hehe I juts loove the piles of outfits and hats Raarity's designed, it's just too much, quite spectacular art!
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What did you do this time, Spike?
DaMessedUpGirl777's avatar
Uh oh... Rarity's mind is BLOWING UP
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Loving Rarity in this pic.

Constructive minor critique: Spike's face is too round. Not enough cheek-bumps. But the body, despite the difficult angle, is spot-on.

Have to say it again: Loving Rarity in this pic.
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Hahahh! Wow!!! This looks truly amazing!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
Love their expressions!!! Specially Rarity's insane face!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
You're really improving with facial expressions.
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Rarity looks adorably INSANE. ^^
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:iconrarigreedplz: It´s snuggle time Spike!
:iconzombieponiesplz: My Body is not ready.
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Just plain epic! Great use of expressions and Rarity's face is the face of madness! Awesome job! :)
SohmaSatori's avatar
Love their expressions and the blur effects! xD
Rarity scares me but I still love her <3
geoice's avatar
spike- auuuuuuuuuuu
Ozymandias1989's avatar
I love the expressions!
ioncorupterx's avatar
Epic-ly done!!!!! You did wonderfully ^_^
jyroman53's avatar
Spike bro when ya see a lady with this look in the eyes ESPECIALLY GREEN ONES .... Run
TwilySoarMAR3's avatar
eeeeeeeeee whenever I saw Rarity's eyes glow like that I always got giddy... It's so awesome!!!!!
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