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Commission for :iconminkiesqueak: featuring Pipsqueak eating Spaghetti! (and lots of it)

The great Pipsqueak sailing the many seas with his trusty ship the Black Moon looking for the tastiest of treasures.

Never made Pipsqueak before so this was a really fun opportunity to make him and with all the freedom while we're at it! (I guess a pirate is free Arrrr)

Sketching a bit, trying to see what to do, I ended up with him on a big pile of spaghetti (oh the lines, the lines!) then from there the meatball started rolling and rolling, adding more and more.  Never thought I'd make something like this pile of spaghetti. Quite unique to make all those tasty noodles.
Couldn't help but put some little details here and there as well.

Yar har hope y'all like it.

</b>Approx time: 8 hours
It marked the spot [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Ponkey, Ponkey, Ponkey....can't you see? the Kraken wants some spaghetti too =/ you meanie <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=P" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="397" title="=P (Razz)"/>
BTT: HNNNNNNNNNNNGH, though some seems to dislike him i personally like Pips (at least he has more depth than DT or SS).

Some parts of the ship are looking off for me, for example the crown' nest looks like it's broken or sth (maybe it's wanted, still a fact that was "pirating" my view)

In total i really like the tropical atmosphere and the little details like the name of Pips ship (i see what you did there with our favourite princess)

Vision: Yarr Harr Harr, never seen such booty before.

Originality: NEW LAND SIR!!! (never seen this scenario before)

Technique: Rough but effective my brothers!