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Inner Strength

New Episode, and something that I felt like making.
Was kinda glad this outfit showed up at the end, because I didn't want to choose between the others Fluttershy had before, or making all of those.
Almost went with Rarity style Racoon before this one popped up haha.

Fairly quick little rushed through this piece. I'm not at home, so it's part getting used to the new setting, and timing is different as well, I aint the only one in the room hah. That social stuff.
I'm used to an Intuos, but I was working on a borrowed Cintiq for this one. So much more to focus on, the pen, the brush and your own darn body getting in the way haha.

Anyhow, I quite liked this episode. Lots of angles and direction changes, which were pretty great along with all the little character things. Mainly those poor little racoons, which I guess Rarity kinda adopted (as store workers). RODENTS

Hope y'all enjoy!

Approx Time: 4 hours
Photoshop CC
Inner Strength [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I can't believe this is what you call RUSHED.
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That is a great picture of Fluttershy. I liked this episode a lot. Fluttershy learns assertiveness again. I like how this works. She seems to have developed multiple personalities. The picture here shows inner strength, which helps Fluttershy overcome her challenge.
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This one is perfect, excellent job!
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looks so real omg
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I cant even understand how this artstyle is possible
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Would like to make a Fluttershy like comment... yet the 3-4 voices in my head can't agree on a good one :(
dksponge13's avatar
Hmmm, speaking of fashion models, I wonder what happened to that one Rarity hastily pushed before she discovered the problems Fluttershy was causing? 🤔
MLPAristiscCSketch's avatar
Incredible 😀😁😄❤💕❤💕❤💕
LouisLithium's avatar
Just,AMAZING.I hope I can draw as well as you one day.So nice the pic is.
i really didn't like this episode, but your work here makes me feel better about it.
KingSanic's avatar
wow this is so good you should get a job at
thank you for continuing to make beautiful mlp art 💜
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The fandom is split on this episode, as far as I can tell. I didn't care for it - the humor made me cringe more than it made me laugh, and I didn't understand what the lesson was supposed to be.

But nice job painting Flutters in her final outfit.
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She look very lovely and showed that inner strength.
templar127's avatar
Such gorgeous flutters!
temporos's avatar
I'm still three seasons behind, but I always love a Flutters episode. :3 Looking forward to seeing it.

You do Fluttershy so well, too. <3
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Didn't care for the episode, but I liked the outfit, and I love this pic of it. :)
shazzz999's avatar
Cute, pretty and glamorous. S
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